Thursday, October 2, 2008

Food Preparations for Bagan Lalang Trip

**I woke up at 5am to assist/accompany K since she had to wake up early to make crepes for all of us. Once we woke up, we wasted no time. Here is what we did.**

1. Sieve the flour (done by ME!!)

2. Melt 16 tablespoons of butter

3. Add some sugar and salt

4. Crack 4 eggs into the middle of the mix

5. Pour 2 cups of milk

6. Stir the mixture

7. Add milk while stirring (done by ME!!)

8. Add the butter into the mixture

9. Stir the mix again (done by ME!!)

10. Wait for 30 minutes. (I set the timer and went to shower)

11. Cleaned up (obviously not done by ME!! I helped a little though)

**When I came out of the shower, I turned on the laptop and started transferring the pictures and drafting. 10 minutes till the timer rings. Alarm just rang (6.17am) and K came down 2 minutes later. We also prepared some hot water to make hot drinks at the beach**

12. Pour some of the mixture into the pan

13. Move the pan till the mix forms a circle. Then, wait till it turns brown.

14. Flip the crepe when ready

15. When both sides are cooked, put it in a plate

16. Repeat step 12 to 15 until there is no more mixture left

17. Keep it in a presentable container

**While K was frying the crepes, SS started making sandwiches. Again, I helped/took some photos.**

1. Smash the hard boiled eggs

2. Add some salt and pepper into the egg mixture

3. Prepare bread on the chopping board

4. Slice the sides of the bread

5. Spread butter on the bread (done by ME!!)

6. (a) Spread some of the mixture on the bread

6. (b) Spread sugar on the bread

7. Slice the bread into fours

8. Lay them out nicely in some recycled containers

9. All 3 boxes of sandwiches are done!!

**The sandwiches took about an hour to complete while the crepes took half an hour to get ready, half an hour for waiting and 1 and half hours to fry!!

We left the house at 7.40am with sandwiches, crepes, hot water, powdered drinks, some junk food and bottled water for everyone. We reached Bangsar at 8am**

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