Friday, October 24, 2008

First Day of HSM3

Woke up at 8am to and asked the others to wake up. They didn't bother so I went back to sleep too. At 9.30am, DY called AL and we woke up. We told DY we were on the way.

All of us quickly got ready and left the house. We went to MY's house and I drove my car home. In the rush, ZS left his wallet in AL's car and I left my clothes in AL's house!!

I went down to get my racket and shuttlecocks. Drove to BSC and realized I forgot to take the receipt. So, I detoured back home. After collecting the receipt, we went to BSC again. Just then, AL realized he DIDN'T bring his bag.

DY, ZS and AL's racket was all inside! So, I asked them to go in and play with 3 rackets first while I went to 97 to borrow another racket. We played till 12pm and went back.

We saw the shop open and went in to buy 3 cans of 100plus (RM 1.60 each). Then, we went to my house to shower. MY came to look for us in my house. The guys took a long time styling their hair. AL did my hair just for fun.

After all of us were ready, we went for lunch. DY and HK didn't join us because they went to the post office and went to pick up HX. We went to Nam Chuen and I ordered Rojak and Fish Ball Soup.

The Rojak wasn't that nice because there wasn't much fruits and sauce. After I finished the Rojak, I was already quite full. So, I just ate some noodles and finished the fish balls and fish cakes.

ZS came into my car and we parked in Gardens. Found a place to park within 5 minutes. Then, we walked to GSC to collect the tickets. Then, MY called and said they couldn't find a place to park because they parked in MV!!

I told them to take their time and called DY to ask where he was. When everyone arrive, we went into the cinema to watch High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2.35pm)! Personally, I preferred HSM1 and HSM2 more than this one. MY agreed with me too.

We then went to Radioactive and Echopark to look at some jackets. After that, we went to Pet's Wonderland to look and some pets and accessories. Then, we said bye to each other and went our own ways.

I walked to McD to buy a Strawberry Milkshake. The waitress made a cup of it and threw it away. The second cup was served to me. It didn't taste as nice as it used to be. I guess the milkshake is going off the shelves soon.

I walked back to Gardens and drove home. It was raining outside but luckily there was no jam. At home, I used the VAIO till 5.30pm. Then, I went into my room and slept till 7.30pm!!

Heard K's voice outside and decided to wake up. Went down and had my dinner and then came upstairs to shower afterwards. Used the VAIO again till about 11pm. SS and SS came to pick K up at about 10.30pm.

Dad made some "cheese on bread" for E and I. I went down to eat it and watch "Most Evil" with mum. At 12am, the show ended and I came upstairs. Started writing this post till now (1.17am). Going to sleep now! Night...

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