Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Am Crazy

Woke up and ate some chocolate love letters for breakfast. Got ready and went to APIIT at 10. Reached there at 10.20am and picked JW up. I then drove to Wong Electronics with directions from JW.

She talked to me for a short while before she started to cry. I was actually surprised! Anyway, she told me about her "sad story" and I tried my best to give her some advice because I don't really know what to do about her problem.

When we reached the company, she was already fine. We went in and took some pictures of their equipment. We were done in about 10 minutes and I drove back to APIIT. For the first time, I parked in front of APIIT without paying.

Went to the booth and stayed with the rest of them (AL, ZS, DY, HX, JW and AC). DY and HX were selling contact lenses while AL was selling EUMORA. We sat there watched the two series I downloaded!

At 12.15pm, ZS, AL, AC and I went for lunch. AC drove us to Seri Kembangan to eat at Yoke Heng. We ordered the nice fried rice (2 person), famous "lou shu fan" (2 person) and another dish of noodles (2 person).

We then ordered some noodles for DY since he didn't come (watching over the business). Each of us paid about RM 7 for the lunch. Quite reasonable considering all of us ate 2 mini bowls of each dish.

Went back and saw 2 Hotlink trucks in front of APIIT. Then, I spotted someone that looks familiar from SMKBB. I looked around and saw a member of Y.I.S.B!! MJ was there too!! I went to him and had a short chat.

When I asked him if he could give us something, he told us to fill in our name and numbers (for maxis' reference) and gave everyone that did that a mouse pad. AC wanted goodie bags but MJ told us that another girl is in charge of that.

Maxis Mouse Pad (It stinks badly when you first open it)

We then went to the booth and gave DY his food. After hearing that we had mouse pads, he went to collect it too. MJ said the girl was inside APIIT. So, AL, ZS and I walked around the campus to look for her. We gave up after searching 2 floors.

AS usual, we waited in class for Mr Jonathan to arrive. He then told us that he will bring us to the NEW auditorium (AUD-3) to listen to a marketing talk. The new auditorium was nice. They had cool chairs with tables connected to them.

We initially sat at the back of the room but were forced to move forward. Then, this guy from ESG Direct came and gave us a talk on Blue Ocean Strategy. I dosed off for a couple of times. One hour later, the session ended.

We went to the booth and then to the cafeteria to buy some stuff. I bought a "Crunch" ice cream and a Iced White Coffee. The cashier lady asked ME the price of the ice cream. Luckily, I was honest enough to tell her the actual price (RM 1.60) instead of a cheaper price.

We then went back to the booth. Just then, Miss Hema came and AL introduced the product to her and showed her some pictures. Then, AC brought Mr Jonathan to the toilet to try out the EUMORA.

AC only applied the soap on half of Mr Jonathan's face to show the difference. When he came out, AL and the others said they could see half of his face had a lighter tone! I didn't see the difference though.

He said he will consider it and went off. All of us went to CT class. Miss Intan gave us some questions and we were supposed to find the answers. Before the class ended she told us off because some of our classmates didn't do her work.

When class ended, I dropped KW off as usual. At home, I saw our 32 inch TV had arrived. I watched TF and LOS and went down for dinner at about 7.30pm. After I showered, J and M asked me if I wanted to fix a puzzle.

Sony Bravia 32 inch LCD TV

I rejected them and continued using the laptop. Then, AP and KK came. I went down to greet them. That was when I saw the girls fixing the puzzle. Since it was a new puzzle, I decided to join them. I thought it was a old puzzle earlier.

I asked J to bring my laptop downstairs so I could click on Fish Wrangler every 15 minutes. Meanwhile, I turned on some music for everyone to enjoy. Everyone went to sleep at 12am. That just left dad and me alone.

Dad read some newspaper and went to bed at around 1am. Accompanied only by music, I completed the puzzle at 2am. Actually, I only completed the picture part of it. The rest of the pieces were PURE colour!! It would take me a day to fit those 1 by 1.

Laptop, Cup, Bottle, Picture, Puzzle and Pieces

Here's a close up picture of the puzzle

I decided to give up and go to bed. Wrote this draft and will be posting this tomorrow. Night... Or should I say morning??

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