Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun Saturday

Woke up at 9.30am and downloaded the final 2 episodes of TF. My Donator's access has expired but luckily I kept the links!! Had 2 chicken floss bun for breakfast.

M and mum were on the way to the Curve but came back because dad wanted to go too. Dad bought 20 pieces of "Sui Gao" for us (10 for TKK) and we went downstairs to eat.

Sui Gao - RM1 per piece

After that, I wanted to start doing my QM assignment but decided to follow them to Curve instead. We parked at Cineleisure and went upstairs. M went to the Bazaar at Curve to buy a rubik's cube. Mum then went to the magazine shop while E, Dad and I went to the cineplex.

We took the lift to the wrong floor. So, we took the escalator down another 2 floors. We lined up to buy HSM3 tickets. Dad bought 4 tickets (buy 1 free 1 promotion from HSBC bank) for RM 22. LC was suppose to watch with Mum, Dad and E.

He couldn't make it so Dad called SS. So, SS drove to Cineleisure and gave me his token. SS and dad went upstairs for the movie while SS, M and I went back to SS's house. We picked K and went to Centrepoint for lunch.

We went a few rounds before finding a place to park. Then, we walked to Black Canyon. I ordered a Mexican Iced Coffee and a Tuna Salad. While waiting for the food, I turned on the laptop. M then told me the guy from the other table kept looking at me!

My food came first and I was the first to eat. SS's was served next but she went to the toilet. The girls were worried about her and gave her about 3 smses. M's food was the last to be served and SS came back just when we started eating.

Tuna Salad RM9.90

Mexican Iced Coffee RM 8.50

My tuna salad was ordinary and the coffee was disappointing! The cup in the picture looked much bigger!! The coffee was very bitter, which I didn't like. After lunch, SS paid (RM119) and we went to 7-11.

Then, we went home and watched some TV. I laid on the floor and my face started to feel VERY itchy!! I scratched my eyelids and face till my eyes were quite red. Writing about it even brings back the itch...

I went to the back and washed my face. Didn't feel any better though. SS took out some chocolate for us to eat. After that, I couldn't stand the itch and went upstairs to wash my face again!with eumora better

Came downstairs and felt much better. Ate a hot dog that SS bought from Ikea as a snack. When SS finished watching TF 22, Dad, SS and E came back. Mum was still shopping in the Curve. Then, SS, M, K and I went to the room and watched TF 23 and 24...

The finale wasn't that nice because none of them got married! The series ended with 4 of them getting ready to fight a million soldiers. LAME! Then, we showered and got ready for dinner. Dad went home to pick GM and J.

At 7.30pm, we left the house. LC came home just in time to join us for dinner. We then drove to the Curve to pick mum up. She misinterpreted the information and waited for us at McD in Cineleisure.

So, SS turned back and LC went to bring mum to the car. Dad suggested Leo's in SS2 (where Public Bank used to be) and SS drove the nine of us there.

When we arrived, dad, GM and J were already there. We sat down and looked at the menu. I realized I forgot to bring my phone and was disappointed because I saw many interesting food there!

I ordered a "Encholato" (Steaming hot Leo's Enriched Coffee, shower over a chilling cold Italian Mint Gelato), "Gelato on Toast" and "Fish n' Chips". The others ordered some drinks and food too.

My Encholato came and I had to borrow mum's phone to take a picture of it. I poured the coffee into the ice cream. Then, I ate the ice cream and finished the drink in less than 5 MINUTES!! It was NICE!

**Mum's cam = Low Quality Pics = SORRY!!**

Enrich Coffee + Mint Ice Cream

Just after I poured the coffee

**Pic Unavailable - Coffee sets to the bottom**

Before my toast arrived, SS gave me my phone under the menu! I was disappointed that she didn't give it to me earlier because I could have taken a picture of my Encholato with it. On the other hand, I was happy that I could take photos of my other dishes!!

The toast arrived and I took a picture of it. K ordered a Thick Toast (thick peanut butter spread) and I decided to take a picture of that too. The gelato was nice but didn't really go well with the toast. Perhaps next time, I'll order French Toast...

Gelato on Toast - RM 5.80

Thick Toast - RM 2.80

Next came my Fish N' Chips. The fish was quite thin but it was tasty. The fries were plain and the vege tasted different. It was also quite inconvenient for them to put the fries UNDER the fish...

Fish N' Chips - RM 10.80

We sat there chatting for about half an hour. LC also met her high-school friend there. At 10pm, dad paid the bill and we left. I was surprised that the bill was so REASONABLE (not going to use the word "CHEAP")!

The Bill - RM 139.10 (after Discount)

It was only RM 139.10 for 12 of us and 24 items! Well one of the reasons for this was because OCBC card holders get 20% off for ala-carte items. A great deal indeed!! Both families parted and we went home.

At home, dad told me APIIT sent him my results! They probably were afraid that I didn't tell them about my results. Luckily, I had nothing to hide! I then asked that about our Family Cruise trip for this year-end.

My Academic Report sent to my Parents!!

GOOD NEWS!! SG agreed to come along which means the WHOLE family will be there!! It would be the first FAMILY HOLIDAY we ever had TOGETHER! Really looking forward to this. Well, there is still some finalizing left to do...

Came upstairs to use the laptop and started blogging at 10.50pm. The girls went to sleep because they have to wake up for Sunday School tomorrow. Going to upload the photos and will be sleeping after that. Bye...

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