Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Month Just Ended

I woke up just in time to watch Heroes Episode 3 live streaming. Unfortunately, it was loading very slowly and the show didn't run smoothly. So, I decided to cancel it and wait and download the clearer version.

Ate some mooncakes for breakfast and started downloading Heroes. Went downstairs to watch "Superhero Movie". It was quite funny but not really suitable for kids. Had lunch at home and went upstairs to burn some DVDs.

At about 2pm, SS called and asked me to go to their house. They came from GG's house and picked me. C was watching Pokemon and I joined him. At 3.30pm, he had a sudden crave for McD's Shaker Fries.

So, we took some money from SS and went to McD's drive thru. We bought a Ayam Goreng McD Set, Double Cheeseburger Set, Large Fries and got a free banana pie because we had the drive thru sticker.

We ate our food while watching more Pokemon. At 4.30pm, SS drop us (SS, K and I) in GSC to watch Babylon AD. Our main purpose is to use up the "buy 2 free 1" voucher that expires today.

The story line and the action were not nice at all. The only thing that made this movie "pass" was because of its mysterious and suspenseful factor. The viewers were only told the truth about the girl towards the end of the movie.

After the movie ended, we went to the Bowling Alley to use the toilet. Then, we went to Jusco to buy "bubble tea" and "Auntie Annie's". By the time we were done, it was 7pm. We walk to the old wing and SS picked us up.

We waited for C to come back so e could go for dinner. C came back and told us he hurt his head while playing ball. Before going for dinner, we dropped K at dance class. Then, we went to Tai Thong in SS2 for dinner.

The food was just standard. Nothing special but the food took very long to come. While waiting, I showed C the Candy BT hack and he was very impressed. The total bill turned out to be RM 100++. We used the "RM30 off" voucher and paid only RM 60++.

We then went pick K. We drove straight to their grandmother's house to meet her. All of us went to Kanna Curry House for supper. We sat there chatting as they are going to Pangkor for holiday tomorrow.

We left the place at around 11pm. SS drove me home to take a few set of clothes and my laptop. Then, we drove back to SS's house. It was already 12am. I watched Heroes while waiting for my turn to shower.

After showering, I came down and used the laptop for awhile. Now, I'm waiting for K to finish watching her shoe before going to sleep. Don't wanna leave her alone downstairs right. I know, I'm a good cousin. Haha...

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