Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lunch at MasterMind Cafe in PJ

Woke up at 10am in the morning. Had some KoKo Krunch for breakfast while settling stuff online. Dad and the girls came home from BISDS around 11.30am. After a long discussion, we decided to go to RumahKu Cafe in PJ (featured in TimeOut Magazine).

When we arrived, there were nobody seating us. We found ourselves a table and sat down there. We looked at the menu while waiting. Then, dad talked to the cleaner and the cleaner went to ask a girl from the kitchen to come out and serve us.

We were already had a very bad impression because there wasn't anyone who served us. The first thing she told us was that the table was RESERVED. If it was reserved, why didn't she put the "Reserved" sign there?

She then asked us to move to another table. We stood up and instead of moving to another table, we WALKED OUT of the restaurant. No point having lunch at a place with good food but TERRIBLE service right?

Anyway, dad brought us to the Happy Mansion area in Section 17. We then went to this restaurant called MM Cafe (just opened this month). It is just at the opposite block from 6to10 Grill. We were greeted and seated by a waitress.

MM (Master Mind) Cafe - Entrance 1

I ordered a Fish and Chips and all of us had plain water. The Fish and Chips were nice and just enough to make me full. I had to ask for more tartar sauce though (which she kindly gave). Mum and dad liked their belacan and asked for more too.

Fish and Chips - RM 14.90

All of us finished our food except J who couldn't finish her lamb chop. Dad helped her finish it obviously. After that, we decided to order one Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert. The brownies were nicer than last night's. But for RM 9.90, the portion was too small.

Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream - RM 9.90

Dad paid the total RM 75.40 and left RM 2 tips since they didn't charge any service charge or government tax. We left the place at 1.30pm and filled in a comment form before leaving. I'm sure we will come and visit this place again someday...

Our Comment Form

The Bill - No extra charges!!

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  1. This place has gone down the drains in service and food. Imagine the waitress actually shouting at the customers! What a disappointment!


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