Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gosh, It's Wednesday!!

While I was still half awake, my legs had the feeling it was still on the ice rink. I even moved my legs and felt that I was really skating. Haha. Fell asleep after that...
woke up at 3 to shut down laptop.
Woke up at 8am and used the laptop and got ready for college as usual. Downloaded TF 20 and 21 (DVD-RMVB) and found out that DVD-RMVB version's 20 is TV-RMVB's 19!! Watched TF 19 and left for TPM.

Once I arrived, I saw many cars parking in the LEGAL spot got clamped! I then knew they were fined because they had problems with their ticket. So, I parked at the very end of the road and went to BUY a NEW ticket.

While buying, I saw AC and AL parking at the open air car park. I then drove over and parked next to AL's Saga. Scratched the new ticket and placed it on my dashboard. Then, we walked to class.

On the way, we peeped into the cars that got clamped to find out why they got clamped. Some of them even MODIFIED the ticket. At least now we know what NOT to do in the future.

When we walked into APIIT, we saw a Nescafe booth. The best thing was that they were giving FREE cups of Chilled Nescafe!! We quickly grabbed one each and went to class.

QM was like any other QM class. She taught us stuff and gave us exercises as usual. After class, we went to get ANOTHER cup of coffee! We walked around looking at what the booths were selling.

There was a shop selling computer stuff (portable hard disks, webcams, mouse, and many more). There was also a booth selling Dunkin Donuts! Last week, there was already a J.Co booth. Can't they think of fresher ideas??

We then went to Lucky for lunch. Originally, we planned to go in 2 cars (DY's and AC's) but somehow, LY wanted to drive CQ's car so we went in 3 cars.

When we arrived, I ordered Pork Chop and Spaghetti from the Western Food shop. My food came quite fast or maybe it was because I was the first to order. I also ordered Iced White Kopi.

Pork Chop with Spaghetti - RM 9.80

The pork was tough and the spaghetti was alright. The white kopi wasn't up to my standard though. Even the free Nescafe was nicer than this. Few of us hopped into DY's car and he drove back to TPM.

He gave us some APPOLLO earlier. In the car, he started giving us sweets! According to ZS, he must be SICK (hahahah... Just Kidding!). DY dropped AL and I at the open-air car park to get our cars.

We then drove our cars to ENT3 and parked it there. Went to class for ProCom and as usual, he came in half an hour after class was SUPPOSED to start. Like a routine, he started the class another 10 minutes later.

He told us he was considering banning laptops in class and tomorrow will be our "judgment day". Then, he continued last week's lesson. During the break, AC and JW were cam-whoring. Just then, AL pushed (purposely) JW's head and that made JW and AC KISS on their LIPS!!

After the break, he asked made us form groups of three's and asked us to write a script (1 job seeker and 2 managers interviewing him). KW, ML and I finished our script just before class ended.

Dropped KW off and drove home. Came upstairs and used the computer. Spent the rest of my evening searching for info about S-Video, RGB, Component and Composite. All TV stuff. I also opened the TV box for the first time to check what ports it has.

Mum came home and while opening her car door (to open the gate), her car door knocked my car's number plate! That made my number "1" fall off! She brought it inside and E happily brought it for me to see!!

My Number "1" !!

Went down for dinner at 7.30pm Came upstairs and personalised my RocketDock again. Looked for more icon images too. Then at 8.30pm, we went over to 97 because our grandparents are going home tomorrow morning.

I got my badminton stuff ready and brought them to 97. At about 8.50pm, they came and picked me up. We went to BSC and started playing. KK went to CK's house at first. So, YM and I teamed up against AP and AM.

When KK came back, AM rested while AP and KK played against YM and I. Then, AM joined YM and I to play against AP and KK. Next, AP stayed out so that YM and AM can team up against KK and I.

During our game, a group of Indians went upstairs and blasted their music. They were practicing their dances or Deepavali maybe. But what gives them the right to DISTURB the people that RENTED the badminton court?

Before we left, YM and I played singles for a short while. Just like Monday night, it was raining when we left. They dropped me home as usual. I took a 20-minute rest before showering.

After I got out of the shower, everyone had already came home. Used the laptop again and started writing this post. Somehow, I chatted here and there, played with performance configuration, and did some facebooking.

By the time I finish writing this post, it was already 1.50am!! I have to sleep RIGHT NOW or I'll be VERY tired tomorrow!! Night...

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