Saturday, October 18, 2008

Late Meals

At 8.30am, J woke me up to ask me if I wanted to go eat Roti Canai for breakfast. I said yes and woke up. Washed up and used the laptop. Then, I found out that mum was bringing us because dad was in a seminar.

I changed my mind and decided to stay home. Watched TV and had croissants for breakfast. Mum brought J and E home and then went out again with MM. Watched Keikaishi (Cantonese dubbed) on 8TV. Then, watched Amazing Race.

Came upstairs and downloaded icon dock for the VAIO. Started to look for cool icons for it. At 1.30pm, I called mum because we were STARVING!! She came back at 1.50pm and we left for lunch at 2pm.

We went to Chatterbohkx in BV for lunch. Because there were 7 of us, it was hard to get a place. We ordered while we were still waiting in line. M and I decided to walk to Rock Corner. Mamma Mia soundtrack was on sale!

We saw 2 same CD's but with different prices. The salesgirl then explained that RM 43.90 was for the imported one and RM 23.90 for the Malaysian Edition. You pay an extra RM 20 just for the imported version (lyrics included). I was really shocked by the huge price difference.

We then went down to Speedy to see if the sold the movie DVD. We looked around and finally decided to ask the cashier. He told us that the DVD is only coming out 3 months later. There was an old man next to me that loved his granddaughter so much that he bought her a VCD just because she said she wanted it.

M and I walked back upstairs. We were just in time because the food was served 5 minutes after we sat down. We were content after our lunch. The set we ordered came with 4 pumpkin soups/desserts but none of us wanted to have it.

Iced Milk Tea - HK Style

French Toast

MM paid the bill (RM 97) and we went downstairs for Chocolate Fondue at Theobrama's Chocolate Lounge. I ordered a Fairlady (Hot Belgian Milk Chocolate Drink) and we shared a Chocolate Affair (fondue). Smsed AC to make him jealous. Haha.

The bill - Reasonable

Chocolate Affair - Nice

MY Fair Lady - Good

E scavenging every last drop of chocolate

Mum dropped us home and went with MM to pick GG and PP from the airport and also to say goodbye to our aunt (20 years old) that was flying off to London to study. I used the laptop to look for more icons.

Dad came home with a new 160gb external hard disk and another cooler pad. SS and SS came to our house at about 4.30pm. I burned 3 cds for them but all 3 failed. I ended up giving them TF in a thumbdrive.

Maxtor 160GB External Hard Drive - RM 200+

Black Cooler Pad - RM18

They carried the new TV into my room and left it there (GM's instructions). I then told dad to buy us a PS2 so that we can play games and watch DVDs on it. PS2 has been released into the market since year 2000 and I'm only requesting for it 8 YEARS LATER!! That's how much of a GOOD kids we are!

After SS left, I went downstairs to watch Drillbit Taylor. The movie ended at 7.30pm. Since mum wasn't back yet, I went to take a shower. She came back with MM at 8pm and we went for dinner.

Dad brought us to China Town Seng Kee in town for dinner. This shop was supposed to be famous for their "Lou Shu Fun" (just found out it is called Pearl Noodles in English) and was featured by Ho Chiak too.

China Town Seng Kee

Specialty Pearl Noodles

Roasted Pork Noodles

Specialty Pork Ribs (introduced by waiter)

Hokkien Noodles

Dad ordered some dishes and all of them were nice except the fried rice (MM thought it was nice though) and the Pearl Noodles (I prefer Yoke Heng). The bill was a total RM 70!! I was so shocked because this shop looked so run-downed.

On the way home we passed by KL Sentral's Outdoor Rooftop (not sure if this is what they call it). There were cars parked on BOTH sides of the road from the start to the end of the road. They were having some Deepavali Concert sponsored by Nestle.

Can you count the people?
(Picture was blur because car was moving)

The place was CROWDED with many people. It is the first time that empty space was put to good use and also my first time seeing so many cars in this road. There were even police to help control the traffic!

We went home and decided to watch Mamma Mia (SS's DVD). After 20 minutes, the DVD began to have problems. So, we went oer to 97 to watch it because MM had a player that was less sensitive.

Her player was also too sensitive for the DVD. We spent about 40 minutes watching nothing while M tried to get the DVD to work. We then decided to watch it using AC's PS2. Then, it gets stuck at a certain part of the movie.

So, we jumped one chapter ahead and rewinded the movie. We ended up missing some parts of the show but still enjoyed the movie. Although this was my second time watching, I enjoyed it. I even sang along since I already knew the songs well.

Show ended at exactly 12am. We walked back home and it was drizzling. Came up and used the laptop to settle some stuff and blog. It's 1.47am now. Shall be sleeping soon. Gotta sleep before 12am tomorrow...

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