Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dinner at Uptown Food Court

So we went to Uptown food court. There was a Maxis truck there giving away some stuff. There seemed to be nobody bothered about it. Dad asked if we wanted to go there but I told him "after dinner".

We met SS and family just as we wanted to sit down. I ordered a Fish and Chips from the stall "Pang's Western Food". We haven't been here for quite a few years already.

Dad used to bring us here quite often when we were young. I used to order Fish and Chips too. The Fish and Chips only costs RM 7!! My meal came quite fast and SS paid for me because dad went to order some other food for E.

Fish and Chips - Only RM 7

The fish was thin but I liked the taste and texture. Fries were better than the one from lunch. Coleslaw, bread, baked beans and the egg was okay. For so many things, I feel that RM 7 is really reasonable. Should come here more often...

After dinner, we spent some time talking to each other. I talked to K and listened to some of GM's stories. Then, we decided to leave. Both families said bye to each other and we went home. Maxis truck was already gone. Too bad...

Came home and the PPP light was off! After many attempts, I finally turned the modem off and stopped anyone else to turn it on for the next one hour. Burned LOS into DVDs and watched M play Glyph2.

Then, I went downstairs to watch a Discovery Documentary about A Search for a New Martial Arts Hero. The show ended at 11pm and I came upstairs. I turned on the modem and luckily, it worked!!

Used the laptop to do some Facebooking and then started to blog. Found out that it was ZW's birthday and I went to wish her. Halfway typing this post, the Internet was down again. This time, the PPP light was on but I couldn't go online.

Restarted the modem twice already. Hope I can finish this post early and go to bed. Its 12.44am now. Bye...

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