Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dinner at BabaLow in Bangsar

When we reached home, we watched "Another Cinderella Story". As the title suggests, it was another modern Cinderella story remake. This time, the lead actress was Selena Gomez. This movie focused in Dancing.

After it ended, I came upstairs and the Mamma Mia movie I downloaded for 8 days was DONE. UNFORTUNATELY, the file had some problems and Windows won't let me open it. Too bad for M then. I don't mind at all because I've already watched it.

Used the laptop for an hour or so. At 5.30pm, we went over to 97 to eat some cake that GTA bought. We came back at 6.10pm and took turns to shower. Mum asked J if she remembered many years ago when dad asked her to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

After dad came home, they had some misunderstandings and dad really asked J to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!! Law of Attraction doing its work maybe?? Anyway, I showered the last and was done only at 7.20pm.

I was then told that dad won't be following us for dinner. I only found out the reason behind his action in the car. Apparently, dad suggested to eat in Nam Chuen and M disagreed. Then, dad said he doesn't want to follow us.

Leaving that aside, I drove all of us to Jalan Bangkung to check out the restaurants there. Mum then decided to eat at BabaLow instead because the Japanese Restaurant she was looking for closed honked by an idiot.he didn't want to slow down and let me turn.
When we reached BabaLow, there was NO CUSTOMERS inside. I think we were the only customers for tonight. The extra night menu was Assam Pedas (RM 4.50 small or RM 8 big. Each plate of rice is RM 1) and Kuah O (RM 4 for soup only. RM 4.50 with noodles or rice).

Night Menu (The usual menu is also available)

I ordered a Kuah O with noodles. It was some soup with ginger, chicken and noodles. Not bad though. We ordered half a dozen of Teriyaki wings (RM 6.50) to share. Mum paid the RM 34.30 bill and we went home.

Mum's Asam Pedas with Rice

My Kuah O with Noodles

Came upstairs and used the laptop. At about 9.30pm, GG and family came to visit GM. Since my nephew came to our house for the first time, mum gave him an "angpau". M went to sleep early because she'll be taking her PMR exam starting tomorrow.

Should be sleeping soon. Night.

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