Thursday, October 2, 2008

Family Picnic At Bagan Lalang

**I only uploaded a few pictures (I'm not suppose to upload pictures of my family members remember?) The uploaded pictures are all from mum's cam because my memory card crashed! It is a huge loss that the nice and fun pictures I took are now gone forever. Anyhow, we should concentrate on the fun day that we had instead of mourn for the terrible event**

After reaching Bangsar, I went to the toilet to wash my face. Then, I changed my pants. We then left for Bagan Lalang (Malaysia's Gold Coast). It was a 1 hour and 30 minutes drive. We stopped at a petrol station for toilet break and bought 3 dragon fruits for RM 10 from there.

Another 30 minutes later, we reached the beach. We drove to the end of the beach and parked there. After choosing a spot under the tree, we set up the mats and the collapsible table and chairs.

We started eating the crepes and sandwiches. All the food were finished in 15 minutes!! Then, M went to make some sandcastles while the rest of us walked around the beach. C (armed with mum's Nikon DLSR) and I (with my SE C902) walked around and took creative shots of the beach.

Beach View

Walking around

You can obviously see what I'm doing

E's hand covered with mud!

I actually took some photos to fit the theme "what you can find in the beach". I took photos of a t-shirt, dead fish, log and also many interesting things that I forgot. Then, I started taking "shadow pictures" with my family.

We walked to the sea and started taking "jump shots" of the four girls (C, K, J and E). Then we went back to take some pictures of E and M who were working on the sandcastle. We also wrote our names and decorated it with our slippers.

After taking many pictures of it, we went back to our "base" to drink some water and pack up. We drove around looking for a very famous restaurant called Lover's Link Restaurant. We finally found it and went inside for lunch. We started ordering and the food came soon.

Lover's Link Restaurant

View from the restaurant : tree with rubbish hanging (lover's bridge at the background)

Can you even see 1 out of the hundreds of little red crabs?

Just as we were eating, a sudden wave of people came. There were too many people and some of them even left the place because it takes too long for the food to come. We overheard a customer complaining to the boss that they waited more than an hour and their food hadn't arrive.

I was looking at photos on my phone. Suddenly, phone restarted. When I tried to access the photos again, there were NO PHOTOS to be found!! I was VERY UPSET and EMO for the rest of my lunch.

The total bill was RM 123.40. Some of us went to walk the Lover's Bridge. The first half of it was made of concrete while the other half was made by wood!! The wooden parts was very scary because there were some loose planks and the bridge tilted to the right at one point.

I thought this was dead. I was wrong

View of the restaurant from Lover's Bridge

Walking the Lover's Bridge

A mountain of seafood waste. There are many fishes swimming around it

We then drove back to Bangsar. I slept in the car and so did most of us. Once we reached home, I laid on the sofa and ate an ice cream. SS and family went home and I went upstairs to use the laptop. I tried to recover the photos with some software but it still couldn't be retrieved.

After taking a bath, SS came. We discussed and decided to go to Rendezvous for dinner. When we reached there, it was RAINING (Rendezvous was an open air restaurant)! So, we went to Jusco instead.

We then decided to eat at Black Canyon inside Jusco. I ordered a coffee drink called "Jamaican blast". It tasted very nice! I ordered a chicken teriyaki but it was not that nice.

Black Canyon

Jamaican Blast RM 8.50

Teriyaki Steak RM 14.50

Complimentary soup that came with the steak

We then went home without paying the parking (J-Card members don't have to pay for the first two hours). At home, all of us went to look at the photos of today's trip. They went home and I started updating all 3 drafts ( 3 days without proper blogging, haih).

Gotta sleep early because I'm playing badminton tomorrow at 10am. Night.

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