Friday, October 31, 2008

ProCom Assignment COMPLETED!!

Woke up at nearly 10am today. Had a stick of "Tim Tam" and lots of water for breakfast. Went upstairs and did some ProCom assignment. Facebooked, listened to songs and burned some CDs too.

At 12.40pm, I went down for lunch. Came up again and did ProCom again till 5pm. Went downstairs to watch Mythbusters till 6pm. Then, I continued with my assignment.

Had dinner and came up again. Continued with assignment while also chatting. We also talked about the Cruise with dad. At 10.30pm, I COMPLETED THE ASSIGNMENT!!
didn't shower cos was too late. scared get scolding by dad.
Now all that is left is the visual-aids that DY suppose to colour on Sunday. Went down to eat a Curry Puff that dad heated for me. Don't have to worry about this anymore!! Now left with CT assignment!!

Watched an episode of Rugrats and came up. Chatted and started writing this post. Wow, only 5 paragraphs to represent my day. How DULL!! Tomorrow should be fun.

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