Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wasting Time

Woke up at 9.30am today. I turned on the radio on my phone and left it overnight. Amazingly, it only consumed about 55% of the battery. Went to download TF and LOS. Had the whole packet of chocolate love letters for breakfast.

I then came upstairs and watched LOS. Meanwhile, I was downloading Heroes S3E5. At noon, SS and K came to the house. They brought GM out for a while and went home. I went down to eat lunch cooked by GM.

After lunch, I continued to watch LOS. M came home at 4.30pm. She told me that she wanted to rest for half an hour before watching Heroes with me. So, I went to my room and slept too. At about 5pm, she woke me up.

We then watched Heroes on the desktop because for some reason, the VAIO doesn't allow me to open the video here to "prevent me from harm". Today's episode wasn't as nice but it answered quite a few questions for us.

After the show, I watched LOS again. Went downstairs for dinner at 8pm. After dinner, I came upstairs and watched LOS... Switched between full screen and windowed mode from time to time because I was chatting.

At 11.15pm, I finished watching the ninth episode of LOS. I started from episode 1 till episode 9 today. Kinda crazy if you think about it. But I have to admit, every episode is ALWAYS interesting.

Went downstairs to eat a pie that dad heated up. Dad showed me some Star Cruise brochures. I sure hope whatever he is thinking right now will fall into plan. My aim for now will be going on a holiday this year-end.

Should be sleeping anytime soon. Night...

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