Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lunch at But Kin But San

Woke up at 10.30am. Internet wasn't working (PPP light stayed off) so I watched LOS 21 and 22(finale) instead. The 2 episodes ended at 12.30pm. Dad came home and heated up some bread.

Then, dad told us that he won't go anywhere until we decide. I was quite upset he said that. E was eating the bread he heated up while I ate a few scoops of Creameria Chocolate Obsession and some Rou Gan that he bought last night.

M then decided that we go to Quan's for lunch. Everyone agreed. I went upstairs to take my phone and wallet. Just then, dad told us he won't leave until we decided when to leave. M and I felt upset again because all of us obviously were already leaving.

So, M said we are NEVER leaving. Dad said fine. We sat there watching TV waiting for somebody to give in. After about 20 minutes, mum asked us to go. We then got ready and went up the car. I didn't speak to dad for the rest of our lunch.

I slept in the car and when I woke up, we arrived at But Kin But San (directly translated into English from Cantonese: don't meet, don't leave) I was feeling upset again because he MADE us think of where to eat and after we decided, he brought us SOMEWHERE ELSE without asking us!!

Went into the restaurant and M said she smelled something stinky. As usual, my nose didn't pick up any foul smell. I ordered a Pork Chop Cordon Bleu, French Toast and a Mint Milk Shake. M ordered a Lo Bak Gou (steamed radish) and Yau Liong (You Char Gui wrapped in Zhu Chiong Fun).

After I ordered, another waiter came and told me that they ran out of Cordon Bleu. I was only interested in Pork Cordon Bleu and since I had no choice, I ordered a Fried Chicken Chop. The food came after awhile.

The french toast didn't come with HONEY and it didn't taste as nice as the one I had yesterday (Chatterbohkx). The Fried Chicken Chop was too dry and tasteless. I didn't like the taste of the fries and didn't try the coleslaw and bread (had a feeling it would taste bad too).

French Toast

The Mint Milk Shake was MUCH lousier compared to the one in Quan's. This one had too much milk and too little mint ice cream. The Yau Liong was crunchy but tasted weird. Lor Bak Gou didn't look appetizing so I skipped it.

Mint Milk Shake

Yau Liong

Dad went to pay the bill. They charged us for 2 extra dishes that we didn't order. Luckily, dad pointed it out and they voided it. Mum and dad then dropped by a Luggage Bag Shop. The kids waited in the Avanza while they went to shop.

After 20 minutes of singing in the car, our parents came back. We then drove to BV and dropped mum and E there. Then, we went home. Finally the Internet was working. Settled some stuff and did some of my CT assignment.

I downloaded some Heroes Season 3 wallpapers and now, Sylar is looking at me when I show my desktop. Watched M play some flash games till about 6.30pm. I just came out of the shower and we will be going to dinner with SS and family soon.

Now dad is asking where we want to it again. I'm going to keep quiet this time. Oh, he decided to eat at Uptown food court. He told us we're leaving in 10 mintues. Got to go now. Bye...

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