Monday, October 20, 2008

Today is Monday

Woke up at 8am by my alarm. Used the laptop and went to shower. Got ready and left the house at 10am. Didn't bring along the VAIO because mum said she needed it.

Reached TPM and saw AL parking at the illegal spot. When I u-turned and went to park there, DY was already there. Together, we parked there. Then, we walked to class.

Mrs Kwan taught us Financial Calculus today. AL had his phone confiscated because he answered a call. He took it back after class though. Our QM assignments were handed out ot us today.

At lunch time, MY drove here and we decided to have lunch in Lunchbox. I had a hard time looking for a legal parking space. In the end, I decided to just park at a illegal spot. We then walked to Lunchbox.

I ordered Chicken Chop, KW ordered Fried Rice, DY ordered Lamb Chop and the others ordered Fish and Chips. After 20 minutes, KW, DY and my food was served. ZS and AL were so hungry they had to "borrow" my french fries.

Chicken Chop

The Chicken Chop was okay. The chicken was quite thin and what made it edible was the mushroom sauce. Fries weren't that nice. The coleslaw and vege was quite good.

Only after we (KW, DY and I) finished our meal, the other 5 plates of Fish and Chips arrived. Real slow service here. So, we waited till the rest of them finished. After paying the bill, (RM13.10 for Fish and Chips) it RAINED!!

We decided to wait for the rain to die down. We waited for about 10 minutes and decided to leave or else we would be marked late. So, DY went to get my car and drove it to the entrance. We gave him an umbrella so he didn't get very wet.

When he arrived, we dashed to the car and got ourselves wet! We dropped the others (who took our bags for us) and we went to park the car. DY and I each had an umbrella so we didn't get that wet...

We reached L2-3 at 2pm but Miss Intan didn't tell us off because we weren't half an hour late (and probably because she knew it was raining). We had her class for an hour or so. Then, she gave us a break.

After the break, she showed the class a video about the computer components. Then, she took our attendance and we were allowed to leave. I dropped KW off as usual and made my way home. sleepy driving.

At home, I finished the tub of Creameria Chocolate Obsession and let M do the honours of finishing the last scoop. Used the laptop for awhile. It was raining quite heavily. Suddenly, I heard thunder and the Internet immediately had problems. I turned off the modem and went to take a nap.

At 6.11pm, M woke me up. I then asked her to follow me to pick E. I waited downstairs till 6.25pm. I asked her again and she told me she didn't hear me the first time. GM had to nag her before she finally came down and went with me.

I took the MV way instead of the usual way. It was more or less the same, JAMMED! Both ways also takes 40 minutes to reach E's school. We only reached home at 7.30pm.

Showered and had my dinner. Then, used the laptop till about 8.30pm. AM called to ask me to play Badminton. She was short of one player. I agreed. We followed mum over to 97 to visit our grandparents.

PP bought me a pair of boardshorts and some chocolates for us. I sat there listening to them talk for about 15 minutes. Found out that mum crashed into someone this morning when she sent the girls to school.

Then, AM called and told me they were leaving. I then went home to take an extra racket (AM didn't have enough) and walked to BSC. Their car just drove in when I arrived at the complex.

Just then, AM told me she BOOKED 8PM but THOUGHT it was 9PM!! We were lucky enough that there was an empty court. We played till 9.45pm and an Indian man came and claimed the court.

So, we left the court and went home. It was raining so KK dropped me home. AM begged me to NOT blog about her careless mistake. I refused and even AP AGREED with me!!

Came home and had a karaoke session with some Mamma Mia songs. When I cooled down, I went to shower. Then, I continued to use the laptop.

J and M went to sleep at about 11pm. E and I were hungry so dad cut some chocolate cake (bought by J from some factory during her trip today). It was soft and quite tasteless. Not nice at all...

Does it even look nice?

Read some Reader's Digest and came upstairs to use the laptop and also started writing this post. Going to Sunway Lagoon tomorrow. So, going to sleep soon. Night...

**Before sleeping, I checked the Internet for info on the Scream Park and the ticket rates. I then found out that they are closed on TUESDAY!! Called AL and we discussed for about half an hour. So, our plans changed and I informed the rest. Its 1am already. Night...**

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