Sunday, November 1, 2009

DigiMusic Live

ZS, AC and I subscribed to DigiMusic the first month itself after attending the Blogger Launch. We then collected our AAR tickets the following month. Thinking that since it only cost RM5, the concert is worth it. That was the biggest mistake we made.

Back to the concert day. I arrived at Carpark B of Bukit Jalil National Stadium. ZS and AC were already there so I went to meet up with them. We walked around and saw the super long queue. It started from the car park till the inside of the cafeteria! I also noticed many young tweens among the crowd.

Our tickets

The queue: front

The queue: middle

The queue: back

Drew onto a screenshot from GoogleMaps. Forgive my incompetent drawing!

We then walked around still wondering if we should continue waiting or go off and watch a movie instead. Just as we were deciding, the line at the back dissolved and everyone ran to the front. So, we followed suit. Those who were at the front of the line started "booing" us but everyone seemed oblivious.

The crowd: front

The crowd: back

All of us could only move 3 to 4 steps every 5 to 10 minutes. By 6.40pm, I managed to get into the concert. All the pushing from behind separated me from ZS and AC. So I waited for them near the entrance. First thing we did was use the Porta Potty to empty our bladders!

Porta Potty!

After that, we stood right at the end of the VIP area. Some of the kids were asking for RM5 and said they will bring us into the Hitz VIP area. Ignoring them, we continued to wait for the concert to begin. Out of nowhere, this guy in charge told us that we could come inside. We were so blur, he had to say it again before we realized he wasn't kidding.

AC and ZS outside the Hitz VIP area

So the few of us there ran inside the area and was 150 meters from the stage. Then, we waited till about 7pm before Natalie and Ean from came out to emcee. That marked the beginning of the concert. Disagree was the first band to perform.

The concert begins!

Then, people started pushing in. It was easier for me this time because I only had 1 goal, stop them from coming in front of me. I didn't have to worry abut getting the front spot. It was a challenge to stop those idiots but was fulfilling when their gang got separated!

People started to fill the area

An hour or so later, Ean and Natalie came out again. They divided us into 3 groups "left", "middle" and "right". Those on the left were supposed to shout "Di", followed by the ones in the middle that shout "Gi" while the people on the right shouted "Woo!".

Most of the time, our side (right) had the loudest shout. The deejays were suppose to throw the prize over to us but it NEVER reaches anywhere near me. So after a while, I didn't bother to shout. Next in line were Pop Shuvit. By that time, the crowd started getting dangerous.

There were a group of Malay fellas who were pushing and jumping. The few people around me almost fell but luckily nobody was injured. After a while, there was some commotion at the back and we got the news that someone sprayed pepper spray into the eyes of those idiots.

People around me started joking and smiling while those idiots were cursing and tearing like mad. They said something funny which made me laugh. "Datang sini memang cam ni. Kalau nak baik baik, pergilah tengok konsert Siti (Nurhaliza)". That group disappeared after that incident.

Somehow after some pushing and shoving, we ended up near the right side of the VIP area. The DJ's came ut to do the same stuff again. This time, I just ignored them. One Buck Short came out to perform for about 50 minutes before the DJ's took over again.

When they were done, some crew came onstage for a while to set some stuff up. We waited at least 40 minutes for the AAR to come out. By that time, I was so hungry and my back was hurt from standing! Finally at about 10pm, the AAR came out. I didn't really have the mood so there were no screams coming from me.

I did jump to the first few songs but the next thing I know, everything came crushing down. Another group of pushers started their idiotic behaviour. This time, they pushed us till the divider and the metal divider unlatched from each other.

People are getting excited!

Backed away from the fools and hoped to enjoy the rest of the concert. Jumped to another song and touched my pocket after that. Then I realized, my phone was missing. Either it got stolen when I was pushed or when jumping. Kept touching my pocket to confirm that it is lost.

Told AC and ZS about it and then ZS realized he lost his phone too. Few feet away, another guy told us he lost his phone too. AC joined them and searched the floor for the phones. They also tried calling our numbers. But I already knew that we could do NOTHING to get our phones back.

Since we didn't have the mood to stay there, ZS, AC and I made our way out of the concert and went to our cars. We wanted to go for supper but our cars were blocked. The management were really stupid to allow people to triple park. So we just sat in AC's car talking and comforting each other.

We got thirsty so I suggested we buy drinks from the vendor next to the concert. We had a Longan drink (RM2) and a Chicken Burger (RM3) each. AC paid for our meal to "compensate our lost". We ate the burger in the drizzling rain and went back to the car later.

Listened to the concert from the comfy seats of AC's car while waiting for the car in front of AC's to go off. About 20 minutes after the concert was over, AC was able to go out. ZS and I left him there and went to my car. No cars were blocking mine but the way out was SLOW!

It took us at least 20 minutes to get out of the car park. At some point, I didn't even move the car for 5 minutes! Once I left the parking area, I felt a wave of relief. I escaped HELL! Promise I won't go to cheap concerts anymore, unless I get exclusive tickets...

*Writing about this made me EMO again. I'm just so grateful that nothing similar happened to my sister, which was also in the VIP area. Hope everyone else enjoyed their time in the concert.*

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