Sunday, November 8, 2009

You Can Start Calling Me!

Woke up at about 9am today and turned on the laptop. Before I had a chance to use it, YM called and asked if I wanted to go with them to Petaling Street. I agreed and quickly went to shower and got dressed.

They came to pick me up and KK drove us there. Went to Yook Woo Hin and waited for a while before getting seated. The food wasn't that great and the waiters here were snobbish and rude. YM paid and we went off.

KK and AP walked around and I just followed them. They ate again at Zhing Kong and I had a drink there. Next, we went to look for AM and YM who were eating at another place. After that, they dropped me back home.

I ate some ice cream before mum drove GG, PP and the rest of the kids to Uptown. We went to Park Village and met the rest of the C family. I ordered a Nasi Lemak Biasa but it wasn't that great. The drinks and toast were just okay too.

Milo Dinosaur - RM 4.90

Roti Bakar (kaya and butter) - RM 1.90

Nasi Lemak Biasa - RM 2.30

After lunch, we went back home and I played OP for about an hour. Dad came home so I stopped. Mum and I then followed dad to the phone fair in Wangsa Maju. The ride there was long and I fell asleep.

Arrived there about half an hour later. Made our way to the fair area and saw a Redbox truck! There was a k-room built inside the truck and whatever the people sang was blasted to the public! The people inside are really shameless!

After the first round of squeezing through the crowd and asking around, we've shortlisted a few products. A "compatible" GPS, A digital camera, "compatible" iPhone, and an i-mobile (Thai brand) phone. I also saw my MP3 (from buying the camera) on sale for RM 150!

We then decided to buy the "compatible" iPhone and ended up getting it for RM 530. With the dual SIM function, I will be able to save more money by using one SIM for one operator. And since it has WiFi, I have no reason to get a iPod Touch anymore.

My "compatible" iPhone - RM 530

They also gave us an extra 2GB MicroSD, phone pouch, and an extra battery. After everything was settled, we made our way home. Charged my phone and took a shower. Then, I drove my other siblings to Gardens for dinner. Mum and dad had a wedding to attend.

We parked and walked to Canton-i to meet our grandparents there. Waited for quite some time because there were 10 of us. About 15 minutes later, we were seated. AC and MM came in 5 minutes after that and we started to order.


I ordered Dragon-i and Milk Tea and shared both drinks with J. I also ordered "tau sa" pau and "lau sa" pau. For my dinner, I had "Char Siew, Siew Yoke" with Wanton Noodles. Food took a while to come.


Iced HK Milk Tea

Tau Sa (Red Bean) Pau

Lau Sa (Flowing Custard) Pau

Char Siew (Roasted Pork) Siew Yoke (Pork Belly) with Wanton Noodles

The drinks were good but the Dragon-i was too unreasonably priced. The "pau"s were pricey but was worth it because of the effort required to produce it. Only thing I found not right was that they served Wanton Noodles but didn't give any Wanton! WEIRD!

AJ and GTA joined us moments later. After we finished, MM paid the RM 195 bill. We made our way to "I Love Yoo" and they had some snacks. Walked around for another 10 minutes before saying bye and parting ways.

After that, we went to 97 and watched Rescue Dawn on HBO. It was quite an interesting show but some parts of it was silly and there were many unanswered questions. The movie ended at 11pm.

Quickly said bye and came home as it was quite late. I started chatting with some friends for quite some time which caused my blogging to be delayed. Also watched 2 episodes of OP before blogging.

It's 2.30am now and I'm waiting for my pictures to be uploaded. I'll go to bed after everything is settled. Night.

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