Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Third Day Without a Phone

Woke up at 10.30am again and started using the laptop. Had some snacks at 12pm and came upstairs to play One Piece. Stopped at about 3pm to have my lunch with M. Continued with the game for another 2 hours.

Then, I used the laptop to play a few games in MO. Used the laptop till 7pm and had my dinner downstairs. Came up and used the laptop again while waiting for my turn to shower. At 9pm, M and I played a game of MTG and I lost to her. Again, I didn't have creatures and too much land!

Went over to 97 after that and stayed there till 10.30pm. Mum and I then went to Chocolate for our usual "Ms Coco Frappe". Went home after 11pm and started reading blogs. It's 1.10am already so I'm gonna go to bed.

Tomorrow will be the day I run my "errands". Night...

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