Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First Day of the Second Semester

Somehow I got up at 7.50am and I realized I WAS LATE! I set my alarm for 7am but it didn't ring! Quickly washed up and got dressed. Grabbed a stick of "twiggies" and drove on to TPM. Ate my breakfast while driving.

Arrived in TPM exactly at 8.30am and I went to buy some parking tickets. Met up with DY before walking to ENT3 for our class. KW and ZS were already there but AL and AC were late. Class started at about 8.50am.

One hour later, class ended. We had an hour before our next class started so we hung around to chat and used our laptops. Then at 10.50pm, we went to our next class. Sat there for almost 2 hours before class was over.

Then, we drove 2 cars to Taman Connaught and had lunch at "Woh Kei". We ordered the set which came with 5 dishes and 1 bowl of soup. Overall, the food here is nice and quite reasonable. The total bill was RM 73 and everyone paid me RM 12.

5 dishes, soup and tea - RM 73.00

Drove back to APIIT and stayed in an empty class for another hour. Then, we made our way to our final class of the day. Not long after the class started, I was already fishing! After a while things got more interesting though.

I also realized today that I missed a movie premiere. Was so lucky to win 2 tickets to "A Christmas Carol 3D" but somehow I just forgot about it. The premiere was YESTERDAY NIGHT! FML...

Anyway, class ended at 6pm and I drove home. It was drizzling when I got home. Quickly went to shower and started using the laptop to play Torchlight till 8pm. Then, I went downstairs for dinner.

After dinner, I started reading OP (manga) till about 10pm. Went downstairs for some snacks and I came up again to continue reading till 12am. Started blogging and uploading pictures while chatting.

It's 1am already and I guess I'm gonna sleep. Night...

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