Thursday, November 5, 2009

Testing Testing!

Woke up at 9.30am today and started using the camera right after I got dressed. Tested it out on several items in the house. Very satisfied! Had a corn bun for breakfast but that didn't keep me from being happy.

T900, 4gb memory card, MP3 Player - RM 1299

I also started wearing a watch today. Dad got it a month back but only went to shorten the strap for me few days ago. It looks so classy on my hand and I'm loving it! But the watch makes my hand feel heavy. Guess I just have to get used to it.

Titus from dad. Feeling so rich. Haha!

Came up and used the laptop for a while before I started playing OP. Had lunch at about 2pm and used the laptop till around 4pm. Took a short nap before mum brought me to Gardens. This time, our main goal was to join "The Gardens Club".

First, we went to Sony Style and asked if we could transfer the points to dad's account. She said that couldn't be done so we left the place. Then, we went to TGC and gave them the receipt and mum's details.

Since we had to wait half an hour, we decided to walk over to MidValley. Went to BlueCube to check some stuff out but nobody was there to serve us. Went off and had herbal jelly instead. The lady told us that they just increased the price today!

Herbal Jelly (large) - RM 10.00

After the refreshing dessert, we walked towards the Gardens and saw this lady giving out free Krispy Kreme doughnuts! It was a dream come true because I wanted to buy them earlier because I didn't have enough yesterday (not even 2 pieces).

Complimentary "Original Glazed" doughnut from Krispy Kreme!

Mum and I both took a piece from her and continued walking. Stopped at My Toast for some snacks. Mum ordered White Coffee while I had French Toast. The toast was just okay. Mum was playing with the camera while waiting for me to finish.

French Toast - RM 3.80

Total - RM 7.45

Next, we went back to TGC and collected mum's member card and some freebies. The Gardens Club is really COOL! They gave us 4 vouchers for Valet parking and has many discounts from almost every outlet in Gardens.

Besides that, members can bring another friend to the lounge where there are nice toilets with bath facilities! There are also many magazines to read in the lounge and not forgetting free Wifi and Internet Stations!

After we got our stuff, we quickly drove to Brickfields to pick E from school. Traffic was quite bad at that time and I played around with the camera to keep myself occupied. By the time we got home, it was 7.10pm already.

Used the laptop till 8pm before having dinner. Took a shower before I ate the last few scoops of Mint ice cream. Then, I played OP again till 11pm. Used the laptop and watched OP (anime episode 5).

Then, I started writing this post. NA told me she had an accident which luckily wasn't that serious. I'm now waiting for the pictures to be uploaded. This is gonna take even longer than usual because the average file size for a picture is 4.5mb!


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