Monday, November 16, 2009

Last Day of the Holidays

Woke up at 10am today and used the laptop for about an hour. Then, I went back to sleep and woke up again at 12pm. Had "chipsmore" with milk for brunch. Went to shower and got dressed before driving off.

Picked NA up and we went to MV. Collected the tickets from the ticket kiosk and went to McD later. By the time we bought our food, it was already 1.30pm. We were supposed to be in the cinema hall watching 2012.

2012 (student price + online purchase) - RM 7.50

McChicken Set (regular) - RM 6.25

Quickly gobbled down our lunch and we didn't even finish our drinks. We went into the cinema hall at 1.45pm and luckily the movie had just started. Had to trample on everyone as our seats were right in the middle!

The movie was about around 150 minutes but it never felt boring or slow. Scene after scene of destruction and action. The only flaw of this movie was that MILLIONS of people were dying but yet the few main characters NEVER die.

Movie ended at 4.15pm and we quickly went to the toilet. After that, I walked back to Gardens and drove off. Dropped NA back at SMKB before driving home. So, thanks NA for watching this movie with me.

Back home, I went to shower and played Torchlight till 7.30pm. GM didn't cook today so we had "zhang" for dinner. Stayed downstairs and watched TV after dinner. Came upstairs at 9pm and started writing this post.

Dad came back and heated up some pastries. Went downstairs to have some before coming back upstairs to play MTG with M. We played for rounds till it was 11.10pm and I won all of them. Continued blogging, chatting, and surfing the net.

It's 12.10am already and I'm gonna go to bed soon. I'll have to wake up early tomorrow to go to college. Class starts at 8.30am and ends at 6pm. Night...

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