Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Woke up at about 9am today and had some cake for breakfast. Then, I started using the laptop till it was 11am. Played OP again and uploaded some pictures to mum's blog. Mum came back at 12pm and we went to Gardens.

Main purpose was to cancel my old line and also get a new sim card to replace my stolen one. So we waited for exactly half an hour at the Maxis Center before it was our turn. The lady was quiet efficient and got the job done quickly.

Next, I brought mum to Krispy Kreme and we got a dozen of "Original Glazed" for RM 19.90. Then, we made our way to Austin Chase for the first time to try it out. I had a large Mocha Chip Frappe (RM 14) and mum had a large Mocha Frappe (RM 13).

large Mocha Chip Frappe and large Mocha Frappe

After ordering, we saw the Tiramisu cake that looked EXACTLY like the one from Alexis. So we order a slice to try. Mum didn't like her frappe but I was okay with mine. Still prefer Starbucks which is better and cheaper though.

Tiramisu - RM 9

The cake (according to the staff) was from the same supplier that Alexis has but the cake didn't taste as nice to us. The portion was also smaller and there wasn't much presentation. One good thing about this place is that it is tax free.

We finished our drink at 2pm and still had time to walk around. So, I dragged mum to the SE shop and asked about the SE Satio. The salesguy said it costs RM 2699. The product isn't launched yet but customers can pre-purchase it.

The moment I heard the price, I already made up my mind that I WON'T get such an expensive phone. Even if I had the money, I'd buy an iPhone instead. We were about to go home when I suggested we take a look at the Sony cameras which was just opposite the SE shop.

We looked at the T90 and T900 for a while and I was satisfied after looking at it. Mum then asked the trainee to take the camera out for her to have a look. She even took out a brand new set upon mum's request.

Mum asked me to go over there and I thought "What for? Not like you are gonna buy it right?". I was proven wrong because she did BUY it! So I got a black T900 as my early Birthday Present!

The T900 has 12.1 Megapixels and 4x optical zoom. The only difference between this and the T90 is the extra 0.5 inches of display screen (which mum said was important). It also came with a camera pouch, a 4gb memory stick, and a free MP3 Player!

We were served by this trainee and she was smiling the whole time. Very patient too. But I was surprised when her colleague (a Chinese fella) shouted at her in front of us. She asked him to help get the MP3 and he said "APA COLOUR!".

I asked what colour they had so she asked him the same question. He then replied with his annoyed tone "Empat colour la". And she told me that they had "Black, White, Green and Orange".

After I told her "black", he went to the storeroom and SLAMMED the door. Mum and I was so disgusted and shocked that he could act like that. The trainee then told us "Kita kena sabar". Wow, she really is positive. She's gonna get employee-of-the-month I tell you!

Mum paid but the transaction took a long time. Watched "Transformers 2" on the super huge TV while waiting. After about 20 minutes, everything was done and I took a picture with the girl. It was something they do after every sale closed. Funny huh? I was so undressed for that!


Then, we had to rush to pick up the girls because it was already 3pm! M was upset (who wouldn't be?) but J was okay. Went home and used the laptop for a while before going down for lunch.

Helped mum with her blog and played OP again till it was about 7.30pm. Used the laptop again before having dinner at 8pm. Came upstairs and read episode 0 of OP (Manga). Then, I watched the second episode of OP (Anime).

DGG and family came over at about 9pm and we went down to play with XZ. They left about half an hour later. Had 1.5 pieces of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (or is it "donuts"? someone correct me) before coming upstairs.

Watched another episode of OP before I started blogging. Dad came home and I told him about the camera. He didn't seem that surprised or upset and I consider that as good news =) . The camera is fully charged but I'm only gonna use it tomorrow for "safety".

It's 12am now and I shall upload the pictures I took this afternoon with mum's phone before ending this post. Night...


  1. Ooo you helped her with her blog ar? I wanna buy lottery ASAP!

  2. Evil la you. Say as if I won't help her. ARRGHH!! =)


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