Thursday, November 26, 2009

On The Road

Woke up at 7am today and got ready as usual. Had Koko Krunch again before taking a shower and driving off. Along the Mint hotel, there was an accident and both cars were quite badly damaged. No one was hurt though.

Arrived early today and the lab wasn't even open. Had to wait a while before I could go in. Turned on the computer and waited for everyone else to come in. Class started at about 8.40am and it went on till 10.30am. Stayed in the lab for a while before going to our next class, L1-9.

This was our first class with our lecturer, Mr Stanley Goh. He then taught us "numbering system" for 2 hours. Everyone were allowed to leave after we showed him our work. We didn't have much time so we went to Lucky for lunch.

I ordered a plate of "Chicken Chop with Spaghetti" and a cup of iced coffee. The food came quite quickly and it was nice too. In my opinion, this is worth it. While finishing our food, a student from UPM came and something "interesting happened.

Iced Coffee - RM 1.50

Chicken Chop with Spaghetti - RM 9.80

She started introducing herself and went on to explain about some fundraising and awareness night. It was about the origins of our surname and also some stuff about Chinese culture. That lady asked me "You don't know meaning behind your surname right?".

Well, I'm kinda guilty so I just kept quiet even though she kinda insulted me. AC then got annoyed and told her "No" and waved her away. She then asked AC, "Your a foreigner right? It's okay, foreigners are also welcome to come and understand the Chinese culture".

All of us could feel fire burning inside AC. We started ignoring the lady and she went away after a while. But that wasn't the end. AC was pissed and I asked jokingly asked him "Don't you wanna complaint to UPM?".

He replied, "I would if I knew her name!". AC then asked me to accompany him and we went to look for the lady. I went to King's (bakery) while AC went to talk to her. In the end, he found out that her name was "TWS".

AC wanted to scold her again but luckily he changed his mind. We then went back to APIIT for our last class of the day. On the way back, we saw this cute little "pooh" doll hanging below a MyVi. To get a picture, we were cheering AC to get closer!

Isn't that the weirdest/funniest/cutest thing ever?

Went to class but shortly after that, we had to move to a bigger class. Again, we sat there for 2 hours before we were dismissed. All of us then went home. Arrived back home at about 4.30pm.

Watched some crazy shows on Nickelodeon with the girls while eating some ice cream! Later, I used the laptop to read OP (manga) and watched the latest episode of Heroes. Dad then came home at about 6.30pm.

Continued reading till 8pm and had dinner then. Later, I came up and tried to find out the cause of the constant disconnection. After about half an hour, I can confirm that it was the phone line that goes from downstairs to upstairs. Now all we need to do is replace it. YEAH!

There wasn't much to do except reading OP again. You might think I'm wasting my time but the storyline is really gripping! There is never a boring moment in One Piece!

Anyway, it's 11.20pm already and I guess I'll end my post here. Will continue reading OP and probably go to bed later. Night...

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