Friday, November 6, 2009

Gloomy Day

Woke up at 9am today because mum asked me to go for breakfast. E wanted to go to McD but I said no because it was raining. We ended up at BV and went to Chocolate for breakfast.

The breakfast comes with a cup of coffee or tea and either waffle, pancake or crepe. We ordered 3 sets of breakfast and asked for 2 cups of coffee and a cup of tea. Had one of each food item. Crepes and waffles wasn't that nice but I like the pancake!

Cup of tea and 2 cups of coffee


Banana Pancake


Each set costs RM 3.99 and mum paid the bill before we went back home. Started using the laptop and sang along to Taylor Swifts songs till about 12pm. Then, I started playing OP. Had lunch at 2pm and continued playing OP after watching OP (anime).

The postman delivered my Poken today. I won it from a retweet contest where we just repeat a message on Twitter by TrixTechnologies. To know what Poken is all about, click here. I don't think many people are using it but they are just so cute!

The package!

Frankistein Poken - RM 79.90 (retail price)

Took a nap as my stomach wasn't well. Woke up at 4pm and played OP for a little while. Then, mum brought me to Starbucks for a drink. I ordered a venti size Chocolate Cream Chip which was quite good.

Our drinks in the tumblers

Only then did mum tell me that A is getting fired. She herself didn't know for about it till this afternoon. We waited for J to come meet us before going off. We drove to KL Sentral and picked GG and PP.

Mum dropped us back home and went to pick E. Once home, A was already gone. Because of this issue, the house was in a BIG mess. Talking, raised voices, and also some tears were involved. I didn't really bother though.

Everyone's mood was kinda bad after that. Used the laptop to watch OP (anime) and read OP (manga) while waiting for the anime to load. Had dinner at 8pm.

Came up to shower and use the laptop for a short while before going over to 97. Played MTG with M and AC. Later, I let AC play with M. It's good that he thinks it is interesting. M and I also bought 2 raffle tickets each from AC for his MUFTI day.

At 11.30pm, we left and went home. Started blogging till now (12.46am) and one of mum's friend is gonna crash at our place for the night. She's gonna go out of the house by 8am tomorrow. Feel kinda awkward though.

Anyway, I'm gonna go to bed soon. Night!

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