Monday, November 23, 2009

History Lessons

Woke up at 10am and went to wash up. Had bread for breakfast and waited for M to get ready. Somehow, GM started talking to M and it was a super long conversation about her past. Finally at 11.30am, we left the house and went to MV.

The 2 of us went to GSC and bought 5 tickets for "This Is It" at 7pm later tonight. After we got our tickets, I followed M as she walked around the mall for a short while. She bought a present for her friend before we went home.

Movie tickets to "This is It"

I then used the laptop for a while before playing "Tenshu" on the Wii. LZ and LZ came over to our house so I let them play with the Wii and I went downstairs for lunch. When I came back up, I started reading OP (manga).

Stopped at about 5pm to have some ice cream. Later, I continued reading for another half an hour before taking my shower. We had our dinner at 6.30pm and left the house right after that. Again, the movie started the moment we entered the hall!

Sat there for 2 hours watching the weirdest movie ever. It's not weird because of MJ but it was the cameras and the way they show stuff. This stuff shouldn't be considered a movie but it was still nice to watch. Feels like some reality show though.

Basically, this is a documentary-like movie that shows behind the scenes clips of the preparation and rehearsals from the supposed to be, last Michael Jackson concert. Judging from his rehearsals, his concert would have definitely been a good one.

Movie ended at 9pm and we went to McD for ice cream. Mum didn't have dinner so she bought a cheeseburger. We wanted to have some cake at Alexis but M disagreed. Reached home at 9.30pm and stayed downstairs for a short while.

Vanilla Ice Cream - RM 1.00

Came back upstairs to blog. Every time the internet disconnects, I would play one round of "Pocket Tanks Deluxe". Since I don't have much pictures to upload today, I can complete this post earlier. This is it, night...

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