Saturday, November 14, 2009

One day till...

Woke up at 10am today and used the laptop. Watched a few episodes of OP and had ice cream. Waited for dad to come home and he brought us out for lunch at about 12.30pm.

He took us to Rice Cafe along Jalan Maarof. The drinks were unreasonable because for an iced drink, you pay an extra RM1. The waitress was a blur too. When I ordered Kaya Butter Toast, she kept asking me what I said.

In the end, I pointed at the menu and showed her what I meant. Then, she spent some time copying it. Besides that, I also ordered "Nescafe Ice". Nescafe was okay and they gave a generous amount of butter for the toast. What disappoint me was that the bread was rubbery.

Nescafe Ice - RM 4.50

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 2.50

Waited for everyone else to finish their lunch before paying. Then, we quickly went home. Most of us agreed that we shouldn't come again. The manager/owner also didn't bother to say "thank you" to us and we suspected that she knew it will be just a waste of her breath.

Back home, I used the laptop for a while and decided to play Wii instead. After a while, I got bored and started watching the movie "Last House on the Left". I loved the show because of its storyline.

It started with a group of people who killed 2 cops to prevent their leader from going to prison. Then they crossed paths with 2 innocent girls which they brought along. They killed one of the girls and raped the other.

After getting raped, she managed to escape. The group of people then went to a nearby house to stay the night as it was raining heavily. The owner of the house turned out to be the girl's parents.

They soon found out that the people staying in their guest house was the ones who raped and nearly killed their daughter. So, they decided to kill those who hurt their precious child. Story ended with the main villain's brain exploding in a microwave!

Hadn't watch such a movie in a long time. I even cheered the father on when he was killing the bastards. Overall, it was a fun movie where for once, the bad guy GETS IT! Very violent, vulgar and obscene though.

Took a shower after that and waited till 6.30pm before going for dinner. Mum brought us to Tropicana City Mall and we made our way to the Vietnamese restaurant named "Pho Hoa". MM, UL and AC joined us later.

I ordered "Mocha Drip Coffee with Ice Cream" and "Pho Tai, Nam". We ordered some "Vietnamese Lemon Grass Chicken" as appetizers. I didn't like the drink but the chicken was nice. The soup from the noodles were also good!

Mocha Drip Coffee with Ice Cream - RM 6.50

Vietnamese Lemon Grass Chicken - RM 7.95

Pho Tai, Nam (regular) - RM 13.95

Mum paid the bill while the younger generation (including me) went walking around. Stopped by a few shops and bought some snacks. J and I had ice cream, E had corn, M and AC had waffles. Looked at some cds at the game shop but didn't buy anything.

Yogi Yogi Ice Cream (Mixed) - RM 1.00

Went home just before 9pm and relaxed a while before going over to 112. Chatted and played wit the kids till about 10.30pm. Then, we made our way home and I started using the laptop to watch OP and wrote this blog post.

Was surprised to see a few people wish me "Happy Birthday" although my birthday wasn't until a few more hours. But anyway, thanks guys and I really appreciate it. To those who didn't wish me yet, it's not too late. Haha!

I'm going to bed now so "Good Night". Gotta wake up at 9.30am later...

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