Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Birthday Drink!

Got up at 9am and used the laptop for a while before taking a shower. Got dressed and drove off to APIIT. Parked my car and walked to the main building. Waited for AC and AL before going into the auditorium.

Mr Dhason was teaching us again this semester. This time, the subject is "Operating System". For the first class, he just showed us the exam format and asked us to introduce ourselves. After that, we were asked to give him some details for future use.

We left the place at 1pm and decided to go home. Didn't have lunch since half of the gang were busy. Got home and realized that GM didn't cook. So I called dad and asked him about lunch. Instead, he told me to pick M up and go have our own lunch.

Used the laptop till 2.10pm and went to pick M up from SMKBB. Right after that, we went to Gardens to meet up with mum. Found her at Borders and after spending some time thinking of where to eat, we went to TGI Friday for lunch.

M and I shared a "Blue Raspberry Slush" with M. We both ordered a 2-course set meal. M asked for the Fried Mac and Cheese (appetizer) and Friday's Cheeseburger (main course). I had the Boneless Buffalo Chicken (appetizer) and also Cajun Chicken Salad (main course).

Blue Raspberry Slush - RM 8.90

Fried Mac and Cheese + Friday's Cheeseburger = RM 29.90

Boneless Buffalo Wings + Cajun Chicken Salad = RM 29.90

The service was very good and the food was okay. Our drink was too sour for me but M liked it. The boneless chicken was nice but the chicken in the salad was kinda tasteless. Without the salad dressing, the salad wouldn't be nice.

I was so full even before I had my main course. In the end, I only had half my main course. J and her friend came to look for us later. Mum paid the bill and we went back home. Traffic was slow but the radio kept my mood up.

When we got home, I started using the laptop. Watched Heroes and played Torchlight till it was 6.10pm. Drove M to tuition and came home to shower. Then, I continued playing Torchlight. Stopped again to go pick M up at 7.40pm.

Back home, I had my dinner and went upstairs to read OP (manga) and play Torchlight. DGG and family came over at 9pm so we stayed for a while. Then at 9.30pm, we left the house and drove to 112.

After that, we went in 2 cars to Wong Kok at SS2. It was a last minute decision to go there because I just remembered that today was the last day to get my birthday drink. Those present were AP, KK, SC, AM, YM, J, M and I.

We sat outside and ordered some noodles and snacks. The noodles and "sui gao" weren't that nice but the french toast was okay. My favourite was the birthday drink (milk tea). After the meal, I was so bloated!

Mediterranean Curry Udon - RM 10.90

Honey Pork Ramen - RM 9.30

French Toast - RM 4.50

Golden Sui Gao - RM 7.90

Birthday Milk Tea - RM 0.00

While eating, we heard a smash. Then, we went to see what happened and realized that one of the glass door was shattered to pieces! We don't really know what happened but there could only be 2 possibilities.

Left glass panel of the door was SMASHED into pieces!

Either someone walked right into the door without realizing and smashed it or the people sitting next to the door accidentally hit the glass when the door was open. Chances of someone walking right into the door is low because the door is an automatic door which opens when someone walks near.

The workers started cleaning up and there were a few people taking pictures. We continued eating till about 10.30pm before I asked for the bill. Was about to pay but SC paid instead. Thanks SC.

We then made our way home and I started blogging and chatting. It's already 12.30am and it's a good thing that my connection is getting better. Most of my pictures are uploaded so I might get to sleep at 1am today. Good night!

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