Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nice Life

Woke up at 10am today and had some pastry for breakfast. Watched some TV before coming back upstairs to read OP (manga) till it was 12.40pm. After that, dad brought us out for lunch in town.

We went to this place near Menara PGRM called Yap Hong. Dad ordered 4 dishes and I liked the food there. Only thing I didn't like was the pork. Dad paid the bill and we left. Our lunch was just below RM 50!

妈密鸡 / Marmite Chicken - RM 9

扣肉 / Kou Yuk (Pork) - RM 10

四大天王 / Four Kings (mixed vegetable) - RM 8

肉碎豆腐 / Taufu with Minced Pork - RM 8

After that, we drove to DGG's house to visit them for about half an hour. Then, we drove to Pudu again and dad went to get our phone line repaired. While waiting for him, the rest of us went to the game shop at e-Mart.

Looked at all the Wii games slowly and I noticed that the guy was getting impatient. When dad came, we picked out 4 games and asked the fella to get it for us. He took quite some time gathering the CDs.

Dad paid RM 32 (RM 8 per disc) and we went back to DGG's house to pick GM. Once she got in the car, we went back to our lovely home. SS was in there when we arrived. He also bought carrot cake from Suanson.

Carrot Cake

I watched some TV for a while before coming up to play one of the new Wii game called "Birthday Party Bash" with E. At about 6pm, I started playing Torchlight and only finished at 7.30pm to shower.

After everyone was done, we went to Italiannies in Gardens for dinner. After we were seated, they served us the complimentary bread which was so YUMMY! We even asked for another serving!

Complimentary bread (to be dipped in vinegar and olive oil)

We ordered party-size plates of spaghetti and caesar salad to share. We also had a regular portion of beef lasagna. The food was delicious and the service was good too. And because mum had the Garden's club card, they gave us a complimentary bread pudding for dessert!

Caesar Salad (Abundanza) - RM 34.90

Spaghetti Meatball (Abundanza) - RM 56.90

Beef Lasagna - RM 32.90

Bread Pudding - Complimentary

All of us were so bloated after our dinner. We couldn't even finish our spaghetti so we had to pack it. Made our way home and arrived at about 10.30pm. SC came over and we played COD4.

I left the game at 11pm and started to blog and read OP (manga). It's already 1.30am and I'm just gonna finalize this post and go to bed. Night...

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