Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DiGi Music "Blogger Conference"

Woke up at 9am by AMs call. I then quickly got ready and went to pick her up. We didn't have time to have breakfast so I just drove her to APIIT. After parking, I walked to the lab to meet ZS. We waited for our delivery...

About 30 minutes later, AC came with my burger and ZS's McFlurry. When we were done eating, all of us went to our class. Did some programming again today and class ended at 12.30pm. We then went for lunch at Good Tea.

Sausage McMuffin - RM 3.99

This time, I ordered "滑蛋河" and Iced White Coffee. After we were done, AC drove us back and we went to our class. Finally at 3.40pm, we were dismissed and I drove home. Today, I had ZS with me as we are going to the DiGi/Nuffnang event later...

Wad Dan Hor - RM 4.50

Iced White Coffee - RM 1.80

Back home, I played MS while ZS watched a movie. At 5.30pm, we started getting ready for the night. Left the house at 6pm and arrived at the Laundry Bar just in time. We registered and got a goodie bag and a free simpack.

ZS and I outside Laundry Bar

ZS's goodie bag

My goodie bag (different CD and extra simpack)

Both of us explored the place and waited for the refreshments. At about 7pm, the buffet started. We then got in line and took our food. This event then started with Caprice and his dancers performing.

The crowd...


Buffet Table

My first helping...

Caprice and dancers

Later, the conference started and a few big shots came to explain to us about this DiGi Music Unlimited. Just for RM5 per month, we can download unlimited music! With this service, we can also get passes to concerts and events!

After the speech and presentation, prizes were awarded to the best dressed male and female. Then, we played a short game which involved using the digimusic website. Unfortunately, team 6 won and got their prize.

DiGi Ambassadors and I

Our second helping!

We took another plate of food and drank some soft drinks before going off at 8.10pm. ZS and I then walked to e@Curve and watched the MRD Campus Dodgeball League. After awhile, we went to Cathay Cineplex but didn't watch any movie...

Campus Dodgeball

Walked around and ended up at Ikea. Both of us bought ice cream from Ikea. To our surprise, they don't have cones anymore. Their ice cream now comes in a plastic cup. While eating, we walked over to IKANO.

IKEA Ice Cream - RM 1 each

Chilled over there till about 9.40pm. Our adventure continues when we got into the car and drove to Kepong. We were supposed to meet AC at DesaParkCity but I overshot and ended up in Taman Ehsan.

AC drove all the way back to his housing area to look for us. Then, he led us to "Chandran Corner" at Aman Puri. I ordered a Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. We also ordered a Roti Pisang to share.

Roti Planta

Teh Tarik

After chatting for about 45 minutes, we decided to go home. AC paid the RM 11.00 bill and we drove home. Thanks to his inaccurate directions, we ended up in a dead-end. Called him again to get back on track.

In the car, we were listening to the AAR cd. It was quite enjoyable. We finally reached home at 11.30pm. I then started surfing the net and blogged. Due to many distractions (laughing away and video calling with AC), I only completed this post at 1.15am...

All I have to do now is upload the pictures and go to bed. Unfortunately, the pictures are taking forever to uplaod. Sad...

**Did I mention that I was the ONLY one using a phone to take pictures? Damn, felt so noob while everyone else used a SLR!**

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