Sunday, November 1, 2009

Appreciating the Lost

Woke up at 10.30am today and started using the laptop to blog. Surfed the net and did the usual stuff with my VAIO. Had vegetarian lunch at home. GG, PP and MM came over for lunch too. Used the laptop till about 2.30pm.

Mum drove MM, E and I to BV and we went to Chocolate. We ordered "Chocolate Affair" to share while MM and mum shared a pot of tea. I had a "Iceberg Lady" which was good but not as good as the "Ms Coco Frappe" that mum ordered.

Before we ate the fondue (chocolate affair), mum asked me if I wanted to take a picture. I gave here the face ( =.= ) and reminded her that I didn't have a phone ANYMORE. Miss taking pictures of food!

After that, we drove to GIS and picked AC and his friends. Dropped his friend home before we got back home ourselves. Started using the laptop to continue blogging and surfing the net. Went to shower and got ready for dinner.

At 6.50pm, I drove GM, M and J to SS's house to meet them. Then, we waited for C to come back from work. After that, we drove to cars and went to this vegetarian restaurant in Kepong.

The rest of the L family were there to celebrate YL's birthday. The 16 of us sat in 2 separate tables while enjoying the vegetarian dinner. After that, we started singing the birthday song and YL cut her cake (Durian Cheese from Secret Recipe).

The cake was nice and many of us liked it. There were some members of the family who didn't even take a piece of this "controversial" fruit. DGJ paid for the dinner so we thanked him and went home.

Watched this documentary about doomsday titled "Nostradamus: 2012". It was a 2 hour show and I was dozing off in between. It ended at 11.45pm and I came upstairs to blog. Stopped to read some blogs.

It's already 2.15am now and I won't need to upload pictures because they aren't any. So, goodnight...

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