Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Woke up at 9.40am today and used the laptop till 12pm. At about 12.30pm, mum and I went to Gardens. I walked to Digi again this time to get the Digi Campus simpack. Once there, I realized I didn't bring my student ID.

Since I couldn't register without that, I walked back to TGC and joined mum. We had our drinks and stayed there till 2pm. Then, we drove to SMKBB and picked M. Reached home at 2.40pm.

Cafe Mocha

Watched another episode of OP before going downstairs for lunch. After that, I came up and watched another 2 episodes before playing the OP game.

At 5pm, I dragged mum to BV because I wanted to get a haircut. Unfortunately, the only hairdresser there was the old man which I didn't like. So, I didn't get my hair cut. Instead, we went to Chocolate.

We ordered 2 Ms Coco Frappes as usual. It was good. We finished it and went home just in time to send M for tuition. I went upstairs and started using the laptop. Stopped to take a shower.

Ms Coco Frappe

Next, I played OP till M came home. All of us had dinner together and I came back upstairs later to play OP. DGG and family came over so I went downstairs for a while. SS and C also came. Stayed downstairs watching TV and chatting with them till 10.30pm.

I came back upstairs and started blogging. Stopped at about 11pm to let mum use my laptop. Played OP till 12.30am and continued writing the last bit of this post. It's complete now. Night...

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