Monday, November 2, 2009

Nothing To Do

It's the first day of my holidays and I woke up at 10.30am. Used the laptop till 12pm and had lunch downstairs. Came back up and started using the laptop to blog about AAR. Finally completed the post and started thinking of what to do next.

I thought of watching One Piece anime and that's when I realized MY WII STILL EXISTS! So I left my laptop aside and started playing "One Piece: Unlimited Cruise" on the Wii. It's so addictive and I played it for nearly 5 hours!

Stopped at 8pm and used the laptop for a short while. Then, I had dinner with M and came back upstairs to shower and use the laptop. Watched the first episode of "One Piece" and went downstairs to watch TV.

Watched the ending of Chowder and a full episode of "The Amazing Race". Came upstairs at 12am and started writing this post. Gonna play a game in MO before going to bed. Bye...

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