Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Learning Lessons

Woke up at 7am today and nobody was awake. Quickly and quietly went downstairs to eat Koko Krunch for breakfast. After that, I went to take my shower and got dressed. Drove off to college at about 7.50am.

It's been a while since I drove the Avanza to college. AC told me he missed the Avanza last friday and somehow today, I ended up driving it. Anyway, I arrived at TPM early so I walked to class alone.

Our lecturer started the class at 8.30am and it ended 1 hour later. As usual, we used our laptops for another hour before going to our next class. Before that, DY went to check his car because he parked in the TPM shed.

It was meant for lecturers so obviously he got clamped. This wasn't his first time parking here so he kinda "untung" already. So lesson 1, don't park at the TPM shed. Went to class and sat there for 2 hours and we stayed in class for another hour.

At 1.30pm, we were all hungry so we drove the Avanza to Sri Petaling and had lunch at "Hong Kong Miu Kai". The atmosphere here was noisy and the service was also very bad. Most of the food tasted bad too so lesson 2 of the day is, NEVER come here again!

I had the Hong Kong Style Milk Tea and Black Pepper Pork Rice. The milk tea didn't taste nice as it was too milky. The pork was so tough and the sauce wasn't even nice. To make things even weirder, they also served a bowl "Phoenix Claw" soup.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea - RM 2.80

Black Pepper Pork Rice - RM 10.80

We finished our lunch at about 2.30pm and paid up before leaving. Parked in front of APIIT and we went to the Admin and got our Academic Report for Diploma Part I. I got 3.6 GPA. Nothing much to boast, it's kinda disappointing actually.

After that, we went to an empty class and used our laptops till it was time for our 4pm class. The class was boring as usual because she just revised on C programming and discussed about our assignment.

At 6pm, we left the building and was almost going to go back home. That's when some of my friends spotted my punctured tire. I can saw I'm lucky because it was punctured by a nail, which means it wasn't some mysterious enemy of mine.

Punctured tire...

My tire got SCREWED!

It was also good that they told me because I wouldn't have seen it and would have continued driving. Can't imagine what would happen if the car stopped moving on the highway and I have no form of communication as my handphone ran out of battery.

So back to the tire, we were trying to find where the spare tire was placed and came to a conclusion that there were no spare tire. Then, our classmate, K, came and told us that the tire was at the bottom of the car. That's lesson number 3.

I couldn't find my tools so K went to take his. AC then helped me jack the car up but unfortunately he failed. Lesson number 4, you shouldn't jack the outer area. Nice try AC, but you suck! Lol!

AC's failed attempt. See what he did to my car! ARGH!

So K helped us jack the car properly and went to figure out how to take the spare tire out. After quite some time, we realized that we just had to unscrew one thing and down came the tire. DY took the punctured tire out but didn't know how to put the new one in.

This is how it's done! Thanks K!

Again, K took charge and did it in a few seconds. They screwed the tire in place and that was the end of the "hoohah" in front of APIIT. Packet everything and thanked K for his help. I was so hopeless the whole time, just watching them do everything.

So, this paragraph has been reserved to thanks you guys. K, AL, DY, AC and some random Indian taxi driver, THANKS!

Dropped AL, AC and DY at their car. Since it was gonna be jammed, I left without waiting for DY to settle his unclamping. Owh and DY asked for small change for RM 50 and I gave him 4xRM10. That's why I owe him RM 10 now. Posting it here so I don't forget. Lol!

On the way back, I passed a bump and there goes "KLANG KLANG KLANG". So KW and I went down to tighten the screw of the metal frame that used to be carrying the spare tire. Both of us managed to do it in a few minutes and continued our journey.

Drove to the LRT station and dropped KW there. Drove above 80kmh subconsciously when K reminded me many times not to (because the "new" tire isn't balanced with the other 3 old ones). Luckily KW was there to warn me again! Thanks KW.

Tried very hard to MAKE SURE the car didn't go above 70kmh and I finally reached home at 7.10pm. SS sent GM back home and I told him what happened. He then said that he would help me take my car to the workshop tomorrow. Thanks SS.

Before he left, M called and asked me to sent her a set of clothes. All because she went to a pool party and her friends threw her into the pool! Since SS was heading home, we asked SS to pass her the clothes. Lesson 5, don't go to a pool party without an extra set of clothes!

After SS left, I read OP (manga) till it was my turn to shower. Later, I had my dinner and continued reading OP. At about 10pm, SS and SS came to take the Avanza. They brought some pastries so I heated some bread and had them for supper.

Used the laptop to read OP again till it was 11pm. Then, it was time for ICE CREAM! Went downstairs for some "Chocolate Obsession" while watching a bit of "Gossip Girl" on 8TV. Came back upstairs to blog and read OP.

It's 1.40am now and I finally reached the end of this post. Am probably gonna read another few chapters of OP before going to bed since my class only starts at 10.30am tomorrow. Bye...

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