Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Day Out

M woke me up at 6.50am today and I went down to have some twiggies for breakfast. Laid on my bed for another 10 minutes before going to shower. Got dressed and drove off to class after that.

Went to the lab without knowing what class was I going to. Found my lab and realized it was VBN when the lecturer came in. He then showed us some basic VB stuff and it was kinda fun. Class ended early and we decided to go to MV.

One funny thing today was that AC's gmail got blocked! He has been spamming people and I personally think he deserves it! LOL! Everyone hates spammers right?

Anyway, I parked at Gardens and met up with AC and DY. We then went to the arcade to look for WS. Next, we made our way to GSC and bought our movie tickets. MY, AL, AC and WS bought tickets for 2012 while ZS and I went for Astroboy.

It was the only interesting movie that was available around 11am. I actually couldn't believe I was gonna watch Astroboy because it was a cartoon for my father's generation! Later I realized that I made a good choice.

We went to Oasis and that was my first time eating there. I ordered Economy Fishball Noodles which was quite reasonable and nice. The sauce and noodles were great but the fishballs weren't that good.

Economy Fishball Noodles - RM 5.00

We finished our food at 11.35am when our show was scheduled to start at 11.30am. ZS and I then quickly walked to GSC and bought the popcorn combo which came with drinks. As we entered the cinema hall, the movie started.

The movie was slightly over an hour but it was fun. There were many funny parts and some emotional scenes. The storyline was also interesting and some stuff were unexpected. Overall, it is a GREAT movie. Go watch it.

After the movie, I sent ZS back to his house. Then, I came home and started reading OP (manga) till it was 4pm. Had some ice cream before taking a nice and long nap. I dreamed which was great. I love it when I dream in my sleep.

Unfortunately, the dream faded away as I was brought back into reality. I heard something ringing and realized it was my phone. Went to pick it up and it turned out to be AM. She asked me out for dinner so I agreed.

Slept for another 15 minutes before taking my shower. After that, I continued reading OP (manga) while waiting for AM and YM to come pick me up. At 6.40pm, AM came in and took some diaries. Then, I went back to 112 with them.

SC was back at 112 when we arrived. AM and YM put their stuff into the house before we left for dinner. The four of us went to SNM and had banana leaf rice. The food made me so bloated and all the curry also made my stomach go burning!

Banana Leaf Meal - RM 5.00

Teh Tarik - RM 1.20

It was a nice dinner and YM paid for it. After that, we made our way to BV and looked at some stuff. Before going back, we also bought ice cream. Reached 112 at about 9pm and stayed there for about 15 minutes.

SC then drove me back home to get my laptop. We then went back to 112 and he introduced me to a game called "Pocket Tanks". It was a simplified version and combination of Gunbound and Worms.

The good thing about this is that it allows 2 computers to play with each other through LAN. SC and I played quite a few rounds but I only won once. Stopped at about 11am and I started using the laptop.

It's 12.30am already and I'm waiting for the pictures to be uploaded. Once it's done, I'll turn off the laptop and go home. Bye...

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