Sunday, November 1, 2009

Very Unlucky Day

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop for a while. Dad, mum, J and I then went to BV for breakfast. They were having this charity drive in all the outlets so we decided to go to Starbucks. All proceeds are given to the National Stroke Association Malaysia (NASAM).

Breakfast Promo

My "Charity Set" - RM 6.50 (no tax)

Total Bill - RM 19.50

So we ordered 3 "Charity Set" which cost RM 6.50 nett. Each set came with a sandwich and a tall size long black. We asked for 3 Grilled Chicken Sandwich and 3 cups of long black with milk. Was just okay...

After that, we drove to BR and I picked 5 "quart" and 1 "1/2 gallon" of ice cream which cost RM 230. Went back home and started working on mum's blog! Spent the afternoon making a tutorial. I haven't given it to her but you guys can have a look here.

Halloween Deco

The bill - RM 239.40

Went to 112 at 3pm and brought the kids to BV. We watched the "Halloween Costume Contest" till 3.40pm and I went back home. Showered, got dressed, then drove over to BBJ for AAR concert. I'll write about it in my event blog in a few days. So be sure to check it out.

Overall, the concert was BAD! Super long queue, dangerous crowd, unorganized event, bad weather, full of kids and also idiotic smokers. Not to mention we had to wait for nearly an hour before AAR came out...

My phone got stolen buy some idiot. ZS and another fella also lost their phones. Didn't have the mood to watch the concert so we made our way out. But the idiotic management allowed the cars to triple-park.

Both our cars were blocked so we couldn't go home. Stayed in the car for a while before going down to buy drinks and burger. AC paid for our burgers (RM 3 each) and drinks (RM 2 each). AC said it was a ripoff but I told him at least they were earning money the honest way...

Waited till the concert was over before we could leave. Then, we had to crawl our cars out of the parking lot because there few thousand cars exiting through only 2 lanes. 20 minutes later, we got out.

Then, I dropped ZS at his house before making my way home. Taylor Swift's songs helped me make the trip less "emo". Arrived home at about 12.20am and J came back 10 minutes later. We were telling M and dad about our experience.

Stopped at 1am and started blogging while waiting for my turn to use the toilet. Gonna end this post here and will be going to shower. Probably eat some ice cream to destress later and top it up with a movie. Bye...

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