Friday, November 20, 2009

Silly Day

Woke up at 7am today and had chipsmore for breakfast. Then, I showered and got dressed before driving off to TPM. Was suppose to meet AC but there was some confusion so I went to class first. When I called him, he said he was waiting for me at the lift.

Anyway, he came to class and we stayed there for class. An hour later, class was over. Since it was another hour before our next class starts, we each used our laptops. Few of them played Dota while AC did his work and I played Torchlight.

At about 10.30am, AC, KW and I went over to the main building for class. DY, AC and ZS didn't come along because they went to IPOH. Their main purpose was to buy a dog and have some food.

We went to the lab and booted up the lab's computer with Ubuntu. Tried out the linux commands and played around with the Operating System. An hour later, class ended and everyone left. We had 4 hours of break before our last class.

So, we decided to stay in APIIT for a while before going to MV and watch a movie. Bought 3 tickets for "Planet 51" and went off to Mid Valley in AC's car. Arrived in Mid Valley City at around 12.30pm.

I told AC to park at Gardens but he wanted to park at MV instead. His reason was because he didn't want to walk that far. We ended up going round and round in the car park for about 20 over minutes.

We were so happy to see a car coming out and just as we were about to park, we saw a lady stand at the parking spot while her friend came to park the car. AC was so angry and he even scolded the lady. He took it too seriously but then again, she deserved it.

The situation was so bad that even an illegal parking spot was impossible to find! In the end, we paid the parking ticket and drove out of there and went to Gardens to park. In less than 5 minutes, we managed to park our car at P1.

There wasn't much time so we quickly went to "I Love Yoo" and bought 3 sticks o You Tiao. AC treated us because it was his fault that we sat in the car for so long! Next, I went to collect the tickets while AC and KW bought lunch from McD.

Planet 51 (student + online) - RM 7.50 per person

We sneaked our lunch into the cinema hall and the movie started the moment we opened the door. I hate doing this so often. Never get to see commercials in the cinema these days... As the show started, we had our yummy lunch.

Planet 51 is a movie about a human astronaut landing in a foreign land. The people in that planet has green skin and all the features that we associate with the word "alien". They aren't as smart as us and are currently living in the 50's.

Everyone in that planet thinks that humans are ALIENS with the ability to mind-control and also has the intention to take over their world and eat their brains! The things they fear is quite similar to what we fear in them.

I liked this movie because it was just so FUNNY. There wasn't much sad parts in the movie but I don't mind. Another reason to watch this movie is because like I said, there were living the 50's. Therefore, the music was very funky and GROOOOVY! Our money and time were well spent!

Favourite moment: Chuck and Lem dances together to "Greased Lightning".
Funniest moment: "That's a weird place for an antenna" said Skiff after he saw Chuck naked!

The movie ended at 3.10pm and we quickly went back to AC's car. Drove back to APIIT and arrived 10 minutes late for our database lab class. Our lecturer wasn't in the class yet so we went to look for him.

He then started his lesson and we were kinda excited to learn SQL. Unfortunately, he ended the class early and the only thing we did was write a super basic C program! WTF, wasted our time man!

Anyway, we stayed in the lab till about 5pm before going back home. While driving, I was listening to FlyFM and they said it was Name-your-PC day. It was kinda funny and I was thinking what name to give my lappy. In the end, I just gave up.

Back home, I read another 2 chapters of OP (manga) and started playing Torchlight till 8pm. Had dinner and stayed downstairs to watch "My dad is better than your dad" till 9.30pm. Came up and continued playing Torchlight after I showered.

Stopped at 12.20am and started blogging. It's 1.40am now and my picture was already uploaded long ago. Waiting for the Internet to get back on so that I can post this and go to bed. Night...

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