Sunday, November 29, 2009


Woke up at about 10am today and used the laptop till it was my turn to wash up. At 10.30am, dad brought us out for breakfast at SNM. I ordered Iced Milo and Roti Planta. Milo was okay but the Roti Planta was tasteless.


Roti Planta

Dad paid and we went back home. Used the laptop for less than 2 hours before we went for lunch again. This time, MM and AC tagged along too. Dad brought us to a Taiwanese noodles house in Damansara Utama.

I was not in the mood to check the name of the restaurant. Anyway, since I still have MANY ulcers in my mouth, I decided to order a "soupy" dish so I ordered the Chicken Mushroom Noodles.

Chicken Mushroom Noodles (soup)

It was a very painful experience trying to finish everything. In the end, I just ate the noodles and left the "harder" ingredients for dad to eat. The soup was quite nice though. Maybe I should come back when my condition gets better.

Back home, I used the laptop to read OP. Then, Brook (funny musician who is a living skeleton) made his first appearance. I decided to stream the Anime from that episode because with Brook around, everything would be funnier!

Took a nap at about 4pm and used the laptop for a while more. Then, I took another nap at 7pm and decided not to go dinner with my family. Dad bought some "Ching Tong" Noodles for me and I ate that while watching Oprah. Noodles is currently my best friend.

Anyway, I showered and applied the "Aloclair" on my mouth. It said not to use your tongue to touch the gel and also not to drink or eat for at least an hour after applying. First of all, I have ulcers on my tongue. WTF am I supposed to do now?

After I applied the gel, I was drooling NON STOP! This made my entire mouth even drier. I was so desperate for water! Finally an hour later, I quickly went to drink water. Watched another episode of OP (anime) before I started to blog.

It's 11.52pm now and dad just gave me a lecture. Basically, telling me stuff I already knew. But it's fine, I just kept quiet and accepted it. And yeah, M found a cockroach in the Kitchen and everyone is freaked out! Night...

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