Sunday, November 15, 2009


Woke up at 9am today and used the laptop for a while. Then, I washed up and got dressed. YM, AM and SC picked me up at 10.30am and we drove to Gardens. Walked around till it was 10.45am before going to RedBox.

Me on my birthday =)

After we registered, we still had to wait till 11am before we were brought to our room. When we got to our room, we started singing for a while before ordering our lunch. I ordered the Pasta Vongole and asked for Milk Tea as usual.

food from the Mini-buffet

Milk Tea

Pasta Vongole

Sang for about an hour more before the food came. I was surprised to see that my dish was just PLAIN PASTA with MUSSELS! I can't stand the awful taste of mussels so I gave them all to SC. So, my lunch was just plain pasta.

We had a good time singing till 2pm. I was supposed to pay the bill but it came when I was singing and so AM paid for it. They charged about RM 20++ per person so "thanks" to AM. Before going back, we walked around for another 40 minutes or so.

They dropped me home at about 3.30pm and I started using the laptop. The Internet was down again so I decided to play OP on the Wii. Once I opened my drawer to take the controllers, I saw something wrapped in plastic.

The moment I saw the package, I already knew what it was. Played OP for about half an hour before I took the package out and opened it. As expected, it was "The E.N.D" which also came with a green BEP shirt!

"The E.N.D" by Black Eyed Peas!

Green BEP shirt! (Notice what I wore this morning? I just need the red one to complete my collection!)

Kinda surprised because I didn't expect her to buy me a gift. I was planning to get everyone a gift for Christmas because nobody has never done that. Thought I'd be the first to start the tradition. Now I'll have to settle for second place...

Went to ask her about it and also started taking pictures. Then, I used the laptop till about 5.30pm. Took a shower and got dressed for dinner. While waiting for dad to come back, I finally did what I wanted for a long time.

It has been a long time since I made drinks at home. My previous attempt was a few years back where I made "ice blended passion fruit". The drink was great but it takes a very long time to be produced.

But today, I suddenly decided to make "Oreo Smoothie". Tried putting in some Oreos, milk and vanilla ice cream into the blender that I washed. After it was blended, it turned out to be good but slightly too watery.

So the next round, I added more ice cream and poured less milk. This time, the drinks was too chunky and wasn't that nice anymore. All the kids in the family had a cup. I'm happy that I did such a thing! Hopefully next time it would taste better!

After that, J gave me a card. It was another surprise for me because J usually don't make cards for me. This time, she wrote some stuff and also slotted in some money in the card. Lol, but I'm not gonna use that money. It'll just be there as I consider it part of the card!

my card from J

I was also wondering why didn't E give me a card as she ALWAYS makes cards for EVERY occasion. Later, I found out that she wanted to buy "One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 2" for me but couldn't. Haha, how cute...

Dad then came home at about 7.10pm. We took a long time to decide where to eat. In the end, we went to this Italian restaurant in Tropicana City Mall called "Santini". MM and AC tagged along too.

Since we were still full from the smoothie, M, J and I ordered a drink, pizza and a plate of Caesar salad to share. MM ordered Fried Calamari for everyone to share. One thing about here was that they employed many young students who were kinda blur.

Bread - RM 0.00

Fried Calamari - RM 16.90

Tropicana Oasis - RM 9.90

Caesar Salad - RM 16.90

Capricciosa (large) - RM 26.90

They gave us some complimentary bread but it wasn't that nice. Calamari was just plain and the Caesar salad was a super small portion, yet they still charge such an absurd price! Our drink was tasteless too. What satisfied me was the pizza which was quite yummy.

Mum told them that it was my birthday so they gave us a piece of cheesecake. The staff also sang me the birthday song but it was funny because they didn't know how to pronounce my name properly.

Birthday Cheesecake - RM 0.00

Anyway, I didn't like the cake but that's because I'm not a fan of cheesecakes. Dad paid the bill which took slightly longer due to some communication problem. After that, we left the restaurant.

M, J and I went back to the game shop yesterday and I bought myself a birthday present. It's a one player RPG by the name "Torchlight". Did some research on it last night and decided to give it a go since the game received very good ratings.


Met up with dad and we went to our car. Made our way back to Bangsar and went to 97. We had the "official" cake ceremony there. I was kinda bored because it took longer than usual. There were quite many pictures taken but due to "security reasons" I CAN'T POST THEM UP.

My cake (from San Terri Cottage @ BV2)

There's only one picture of me alone. So, here you go.

Mum bought the cake from San Terri Cottage. It was like a fruit cake and according to the owner, that was the most popular cake. The cake was okay. Stayed at 97 to chat till 10.30pm before coming back home.

Used the laptop to go online but then it got disconnected again. I then installed "Torchlight" and started playing it. SS and K came over at about 11pm to give me my present. It's this cute little solar-powered, head-shaking man.

Go green! Lol!

Continued playing Torchlight till 12.30am. Then, I started writing this blog post and went to shower later. Watched an episode of OP while waiting for the pictures to load.

So that's the first day of my 19th year on earth. Quite many people wished me "Happy Birthday" which reminded me that I still exist in their eyes. To those who forgot, it's okay. One friend once said "good friends don't remember each other's birthdays".

Thanks to the large pictures and unstable connection, it's already 4am but I still have pictures to be uploaded! Gonna go to bed immediately after this post is completed. Night...

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