Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Gardens Club

Woke up at 10.30am today and had "ice cream potong" for breakfast. Used the laptop till 12pm before going to TGC with mum. We found a nice spot to camp after signing in. I had 3 drinks during my time there and it was okay. Mum didn't like it though.

The Gardens Club

Cappuccino and Mocha Latte

The WiFi there was nice and I managed to chat with some people with my phone. A few people had their business meetings here too. Later, I went to one of the toilets and took some pictures. Shall visit the one with shower facilities next time.

the WiFi password

Love the design of the sink! Not practical though.

You can leave your stuff here.

the WC (water closet)

At 2pm, I walked to Digi in MV to ask about DiGi Campus. After that, I stopped by "I Love Yoo" and got 2 sticks of You Tiao. Went to Borders and asked mum to leave. We then made our way to SMKBB and picked the girls up.

2 sticks of You Tiao - RM 1.40 (per stick)

Played MonopolyDeal and MTG with M till it was about 3.40pm. Then, I went downstairs for lunch. Came back up after I was done to play OP on the Wii. Had to stop at 6.20pm to pick E from school.

By the time we got back, it was already 7.10pm. Mum's friend P was here to look at our house. He is a interior designer who once designed a condo that cost RM8 million to renovate! ID's usually take like 10% of the cost so imagine how much he got for just one project! SALUTE!

Anyway, we had dinner at 8pm. KK, AP and AM came over to chat and also look at my "iPhone". After they left, I watched SYTYCD on AXN. Stopped for a while to shower and came back down to watch the show.

Suddenly at 10.30pm, J switched the channel. That started a fire in me and I went to off the Astro. To cool off, I took some ice cream from the fridge and ate a moderate portion of it. Blasted music from my phone to annoy her.

Dad came back and asked me to turn the music down because she was watching TV. I told him that I was watching first and she immediately replied "You were the one who turned off the Astro, blasted music and I didn't even say anything!".

I almost lost the battle but I had one more secret weapon. I said "You said F*CK!". She said it earlier when I told her she can't watch at 10.30pm.

Immediately, dad scolded her for that saying she has no excuse to say that word. He went on saying something about giving her too much freedom. Since she got what she deserved, I stopped the music and continued surfing the net with my phone.

Came upstairs at 11pm and started chatting and blogging. This week's episode of Heroes is taking extra long to download. Guess I just have to wait till tomorrow. So I guess I'll end this post here. Night...

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