Saturday, November 7, 2009

Going Out

Woke up at 7.30am but couldn't go back to sleep. Ended up reading the papers and playing OP till 9am. Then, dad and I went to SNM but the place was packed. Went to Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa instead.

Breakfast Set 1 - RM 3.95

We both ordered the breakfast set 1 which came with a plate of Nasi Lemak Biasa and a cup of Teh Tarik. I liked the rice and tea but dad thinks that the Teh Tarik is too sweet. Before going home, we went to SNM and bought Roti Canai for E.

Back home, I watched an episode of OP (anime) before playing OP. Dad left and I heard him say "Going to town....pick the girls up later". So I stopped at 12.30pm and drove to SMKBB. To my surprise, dad was there too!

M then told me that he said "Going to town and will pick the girls up later". I can't blame anybody but myself for that. Anyway, I drove home and watched another episode of OP (anime).

Then, we had some (alot of) grapes before leaving for lunch. Dad brought us to MV and we headed to Kim Gary. I ordered French Toast, Mango Snow Mellow, and Milk Tea. The food was satisfying but the crowd was kinda noisy.

Milk Tea - RM 2.80

Mango Snow Mellow - RM 4.50

French Toast - RM 4.50

After our lunch, we went to the MVEC for the Electronic Fair. Looked at some phones but decided to visit the phone fare in Wangsa Maju tomorrow before buying anything. So we made our way back home.

I watched an episode of OP before going off to 112 at about 4pm. Chatted for about 2 hours and everyone was happily giving their opinions. It was quite fun. Then, we played Gin Rummy but I lost 30 cents after playing about 10 games. Won about 2-3 times though.

Homemade Soya Milk

It was 7.30pm when we decided to stop. Called home and they said they ordered pizza and there is enough for me. So, I said bye and went back home. After I came out of the shower, the pizza already arrived.

My dinner

We sat at the living hall and had our dinner there. After that, I came upstairs to play OP for a while before all of us went over to 97 to visit our grandparents. GTA and AJ were there too. Chatted with them while eating some cake.

Cheese cake from Miki Ojisan

After that, AC and I played MTG and I had a great time. We left 97 at 11.30pm and I started using the laptop. Wrote this post till 12.40am but the pictures weren't uploaded yet. While waiting for it to upload, I watched another episode of OP.

Gonna watch another episode before going to bed. Night...

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