Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Number

Woke up at 11.10am today and had Mexican bun for breakfast. Came up to use the laptop for a short while and played OP till 1pm. Stopped to bring the clothes in because it started raining heavily.

Continued using the laptop till about 3pm. That was when I had lunch. After that, I played OP again. At 5pm, mum brought J and I to Gardens. They went to buy some undergarments while I went to get my Digi Campus simpack.

The service there was very bad as the guy was so blur. He didn't even know if APIIT is an actual college. He kept going off to other customers and I had to call him to come back a couple of times. The numbers were also limited and I ended up with a crappy number.

Anyway, a number is a number. Not that I'm gonna use it much. The only reason for this is that the credit won't expire for 4 years. Which is what I need as I don't use the credit much. Paid RM 10 for the simcard and another RM 10 for top-up.

My DiGi Campus simpack

I walked to TGC and met mum an J. The counter allowed mum to bring more than one guest this time so all of us went in. Had some coffee and relaxed for a while before going to "World of Outdoors".

Looked around at the pants and slippers but didn't really fancy anything that much till I wanted to instantly buy it. There were many designs there too and I can't make up my mind. So I guess the best way is to wait for someone to gift it to me.

After that, we drove to E's school and waited for her to come out. Got home at about 7.20pm and I used the laptop till it was 8pm. Then, I went down for dinner which was exactly what I had for lunch.

Came upstairs to watch OP but the Internet got disconnected AGAIN! For the whole day, I couldn't even smoothly load an episode! The line has been like that since a few days ago. Keeps disconnecting.

Gave up using the laptop so I decided to eat some ice cream instead. Later, M and I played versus mode in OP. We got bored and I decided to finish off the game. So after 41 hours, I completed the game on "normal" mode.

Stopped at 11.20pm and started to blog. Watched TV while waiting for the photos to be uploaded. It's 12.30am already and I'm going to bed. Night...

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