Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do I Look Old?

Woke up at 10am and instantly got an sms from YM. She asked if I was awake and I said yes. Went to wash up and have breakfast before using the laptop. At about 11.30am, AP, KK and YM came to pick me.

The four of us then went to Genting. Stopped at Petronas before paying the toll and saw this funny counter for the first time. Continued our journey and finally arrived at the Genting Car Park at 12.20pm.

Cashier is in between the petrol booths. WTH?

We then made our way to this restaurant called "Genting Palace". KK and YM ordered some dim sum and tea. Couldn't really enjoy the food because my mouth was full of ulcers. But with my remaining taste buds, I can tell that the food was quite good.

The Entrance

Interior of the Restaurant

Main Menu

Dim Sum Menu

Table Number

Porridge with Salted Eggs - RM 3.80

Chrysanthemum Tea - RM 14.00 (per pot)

"Siew Mai" Dumpling - RM 9.00

Dumpling with Salted Egg - RM 7.00

Char Siew Cheong Fun - RM 5.80

Sweet Corn Bun - RM 3.80

BBQ Chicken Bun - RM 5.00

Black Sesame Bun - RM 7.00

Loh Mai Kai - RM 7.00

KK spotted something funny and weird sitting at next table. There was this girl dressed EXACTLY like her doll. I managed to sneak a picture of her without looking like a weird pedophile.

Doesn't it FREAK you out?

KK paid with his "food card" and we visited the toilet before leaving. Many people would love what I saw in the toilet. There's a MIRROR for you to check your hairdo while you are tending to "other businesses".

Bill - RM 71.75

Clean and Shiny Toilet

Cool huh?

After that, we went to the Casino. I managed to walk right in without being stopped! Does this mean I look old? Wakaka! Didn't really matter because I didn't gamble. Anyway, there were some free drinks and I had a few cups.

KK and AP went to the "Silver Card" area so YM and I were left at Monte Carlo. We walked around looking at those "uncle and aunties" lose their money. About an hour later, AP and KK came to look for us.

Since they got more than 1 GP (genting point) from the "Silver Card" area, they were entitled to 1 free meal each in Fortune Corner (restaurant inside the casino). So we went there for tea.

We ordered a bowl of "Tom Yam Noodles" and a bowl of "Pork Meat Porridge". Each meal also came with a drink. I had a few scoops of porridge and let the 3 of them share everything else.

Tom Yam Noodles - RM 13.00 / 9 GP

Pork Meat Porridge - RM 13.00 / 9 GP

By the time we finished, it was already 3.20pm. We had nothing else to do so we drove back down to KL. Had a nice nap on the way home. Reached home at about 4.40pm. Laid on my bed for a while before using the laptop.

Read OP (manga) till it was 7pm. Then, I went to shower and waited till it was time for dinner. Dad then brought us to "Nam Chuan" at 7.20pm. We ordered some dishes and noodles. I also had a can of 100Plus.

100Plus - RM 2.00

Sweet and Sour Pork - RM 20.00

Asparagus fried with Siew Yoke - RM 15.00

Fried Beancurd - RM 15.00

Tomato Bee Hun - RM 6.00

Pan Fried Noodles - RM 6.00

Dad dropped us home after dinner and went off to Subang to meet a customer. I then started reading OP but the Internet was super slow. So, I decided to upload the pictures and started blogging instead.

While waiting for the pictures to be uploaded, I continued reading OP. It's 12.15am already and I can finally end this post. Night...

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