Sunday, November 30, 2008

Out For The Whole Day!

Woke up at 8.30am. Used the laptop for awhile before going to the bathroom. Then, I tried the new SONIC Electric Toothbrush. It was kinda noisy. Just like SONIC the Hedgehog! Haha...

At 9.10am, all of us were ready. Then, the whole family went to IKEA to meet SS, SS and K for breakfast. SS already bought some Char Kuey Teow, Chicken Wings and BBQ Chicken Buns. They also collected 7 cups of Free Coffee.

BBQ Chicken Buns (RM 1.04 fore 2)

Char Kuey Teow (RM 1.04 per plate)

Chicken Wings (RM 9.45 for 5)

First Bill (RM 23)

Drinks (RM 0)

While we were chatting, dad went to buy Daim Cake and "KEX choklad". After we finished our meal, we went to walk around IKEA. E followed SS, SS and K to a carnival. After buying a towel, 5 curry puffs and 3 ice creams, we went to SS's house.

KEX choklad

We played CS with C till about 2pm. Then, Mum and Dad came to bring M and J for lunch. C and I stayed home and I blogged. They came back at about 3.20pm.

Then, Mum and I went to GSC 1U to get their tickets for Quantum of Solace. I had to be there because they were using my birthday treat. The line looked quite long but we only waited 20 minutes.

AM called and asked for directions to SS's house. I tried to tell her the way but she couldn't get it. So, I asked her to call C. Few minutes later, she smsed me and said she is not coming anymore...

After collecting the tickets, we asked dad to come pick us. We went back to SS's house. SS, SS, K and E were back. E won 2nd prize for her sand-art competition in the carnival. She won a stationary set. SS also won a dining set from the lucky draw.

2nd Prize Sand-art!

The stationary set E won...

I continued using the laptop. Mum and dad went home and asked us to get ready by 6.30pm. About half an hour later, dad called and said that they won't be joining us for dinner. I blogged and facebooked till 6.20pm.

C came back from her trip and bought us some food!

After all of us showered, we left for 1 Utama for dinner. We went in 2 cars because there were 9 of us. J, M, C and I were in the SLK. We found a parking spot and took the escalator down 5 floors to LG.

Then, we went to this restaurant called BBQ Chicken. This international restaurant claims to use ONLY olive oil to cook. It is located near where the old Giant used to be. They were playing pop songs from about 10 years ago.

C asked if we could have a table for nine and the OLD WAITRESS said NO! Immediately, I said in my mind "Then we might as well leave this place". She then said there is only 2 tables that fit 4. After some discussion, we asked the lady to separate us into 2 tables and add a chair for the second table.

We sat down and ordered our food while waiting for SS and the rest. C ordered Chicken Strips for everyone to share. He also ordered Hot Hot Drum. M ordered Combo A (Charbroil Korean Chicken). J ordered Combo Set B (Original Chicken). I ordered a Chicken Cutlet and Col-Pop Chicken.

Golden Chicken Strips (RM 11.50)

Korean Charbroil Chicken from Combo A

Chicken Bites + Sprite =

Col-Pop Chicken (RM 7.90)

Chicken Cutlet (RM 12.50) - The coleslaw was plain. Nice Meat

Our food came 20 minutes later and SS and the rest arrived right after that. A little bird told me they went to MPH and also bought some women stuff (starting with P). They looked at the menu while we ate our food.

The Chicken Strips were TOO DRY and that's why I disliked it. The chicken that came with my Col-Pop Chicken was nicer because it was steaming hot and crunchy. I tasted M's Charbroil Chicken and it was nice. My Chicken Cutlet was delicious but I was already very full.

The 2 Bills

We spend some time chatting while SS's table finished their meal. Then, SS paid the 2 bills which totaled to RM 167.33. We nearly were cheated by RM 2 because they didn't charge the Col-Pop as an add-on.

Overall, the food was okay but the waiter and waitresses attitude was REALLY BAD! Probably won't be dropping by in the near future...

At 9.30pm, K, M, J, C and I went home in the SLK while SS, SS, C and E went shopping for women stuff (starting with B). At home, C, M and I played Half Life. C said he would only be playing for half an hour but ended up playing for more than an hour.

At 11pm, SS came back with 2 jelly cakes. It was a buy 1 free 1 promotion from QJelly. So, each cake costs RM 25. The cakes were a pink bear and a yellow bear. They chopped the bears in half and connected the opposite ends!

Yellow Mango Bear plus...

Pink 9 Layer Bear equals to...

Pillow Manglayer Bear!!

We walloped the 1.5 of the cakes and kept the other half of the cake to bring home. After playing half life for another 20 minutes, we decided to stop. We packed my stuff and waited for dad to come and pick us.

At 11.10pm, dad and mum came back from their movie. We hopped into the Avanza and dad drove back. We reached home at 11.30pm. I quickly started blogging till now. I also just realised that the sound is not working AGAIN...

It is already 12.35am now and I have a presentation at 10.30am tomorrow. So, I'll be sleeping soon. Night...

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