Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sensitive Me

Woke up at 8am and went downstairs. Mum saw a letter for me and asked me to open it. I saw JLKN and was kinda suspensful. I was wondering if my exemption was approved or rejected. Luckily, I was exempted. It even came with an official exemption cert!

**Pic Removed because there is my personal info inside**

Ate 2 packets of Apollo and opened the Weetameal Digestive Biscuit. Packed all the full pieces in the Pringles canister and ate the broken pieces. Showered and got ready for college. Left the house at 9.40am.

Went to pick KW from LRT station. Had to wait for him for 10 minutes. Just then, MY.FM played Richie Ren's "lang hua yi duo duo". That brought back my standard 6 memories and I sang along even after KW came into the car.

We reached ENT3 at 10.20am. DY wasn't here until 10.40am. Our two groups (Beach and Sharks) went to the second floor and connected AC's laptop to the projector. Then, we practised for two hours.

Then, we went to Lucky for lunch. AC drove my car and the 6 of us went in. JJN and KW didn't follow us. We saw the police writing a summon so we quickly went to pay the parking.

I ordered pork noodles for RM 4 and Iced White Kopi for RM 1.80. It came with intestines which I didn't eat. Average tast. After that, we rushed back for our presentation.

Noodles. Pork at the background

We were 7 minutes early. Quickly went to the washroom to tidy up our clothes. At 1.30pm, we, Beach, started our presentation. I wasn't satisfied with myself because I was too nervous. Luckily, we had the highest votes among the 3 teams (73%).

After class, we went to ask Mr Jonathan our progress. Among the 7 of us, all of us had 7 except AC and ML who scored 9. Mr Jonathan said this marks were based on our speaking skills only. So, 7/10 is still good.

Was kinda upset because I felt that DY and I did most of the documentation and presentation but the highest scorer was the person that pronounced "clarity" as "crality". Anyway, I didn't talk to ML much for the rest of the day. Friends. Should be fine by tomorrow though.

We went downstairs and bought some food. I didn't feel like spending unnecessary money so I bought nothing. Sat in the cafeteria and chat for awhile. At 3.30pm, we went up for CT. We waited for Miss Intan for half an hour! It was the first time she was late.

When she came in, she gave us 48 Fill-in-the-blanks. Her student from another class was presenting to her while we did our work. After class, AC dropped us by our cars and we went home.

At home, I watched TV and used the laptop. I decided to write some notes starting from the first chapter of Moral Studies. Went downstairs around 7.30pm for dinner. I saw many "dai sui mun" flying around so I asked them to cover the food.

They refused so I got upset and went back upstairs without eating to continue with my notes. Around 9pm, KK and AP came. I was concentrating on the notes and was in quite a bad mood. So, I didn't go down to say "hi".

I overheard them talking to mum and then started asking her and GM to buy a bike for me. I was surprised he did that but I still knew it won't happen just like that. They went home. At 10pm, I went down to watch "Mythbusters: James Bond Special".

After that, I came up and finished the writing my notes. Just 1 chapter and 1 A4 paper took me 2 hours to write! I send my notes to some people that wanted it so that my effort would not be wasted.
My Abortion Notes: Click To Enlarge. Feel free to take it.

At 12.30pm, I finished sending to everyone and decided to blog. When I checked my dashboard, many of my friends had updated their blogs. So, I spend time reading their posts. By the time I finished reading, it was 1am.

I quickly wrote a draft for this post and went to sleep...

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