Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Early Celebration

Woke up at 8am and played 7sins till 9am. Used the laptop to check on my facebook. To my surprise, DEP prevented IE from executing! I used Mozilla to settle some stuff and went to shower.

Left the house at 9.40am and reached McD at 9.50am. While walking up, I saw NA. She told me to wait for her upstairs while she delivered the food to her mum in the car. When I reached upstairs, I saw LA there.

We sat ourselves in a table. Soon, NA came and joined us. Few minutes later, NM came too. We felt very hot because there was something wrong with the air-cond. We then decided to sit outside.

While talking, we heard a loud snap. Being members of YISB, we pop our heads out to see what happened. A van knocked into a motorbike in the junction and broke some parts of the bike. The driver parked the van and went to settle it.

FN arrived at 11am. Then, we chatted till MJ arrived. After a short chat, we decided to eat breakfast at Pelita. We walked there and I ordered a Roti Tampal and a Teh Tarik. LA told us about her new bf while we listened intently.

My Breakfast

When we were done, MJ paid the bill and we left to 1U. Thanks MJ. All 6 of us went into my Avanza and I drove there. First, we went to collect our tickets for Coffin at 2.30pm. We walked around and finally decided to eat in TGIF.

At 12.30pm, we went inside. I ordered a November Sea Breeze and Chicken Fingers. The portion seems to have shrunk but the food was still good. Kinda expensive for me to come out and eat with my friends. I rather go out with my parents so that they would pay.

November Sea Breeze - RM 7.90 before tax

Chicken Fingers - RM 22.90 before tax

While eating, we called H. Each of us took turns to talk to our fellow YISB member. After we finished talking to her, she called LA again and LA told us she cried. Aww, so touching. At about 1.40pm, MF came and joined us. It was a last minute thing.

Suddenly, the crew came to our table and surprised us. I thought they have mistaken us because nobody told them. I found out later that it was LA and MJ who planned this. Anyway, since 3 of us are celebrating/celebrated our Birthdays this week, we became the victims.

After some convincing, 3 of us stood on the chair and was given a ketchup bottle. We were asked to give a speech while pretending the bottle was a mic. After the speeches, we had to blow off the candle from where we were standing. With NM's super breath, she managed to blow the candle.

**Other photos not posted due to privacy issues**

Z, MF's friend, came and they ordered their food. We chatted till 2.15pm before we asked for the bill. We paid our share and left Z and MF alone to finish their meal. We went into the cinema and came back out to buy popcorn and drinks.

The receipt - total RM 276.10

Outside, we saw MF and Z. Being the usual mischievous MF, he showed the worker one of his used tickets and she ALLOWED him and Z to go in! We sat at the 3rd row from the back while MF and Z sat at the last row.

There were only about 30 people in the cinema watching Coffin for the 2.30pm show. This movie actually is in English when I expected it to be Thai. It is based on a Thai ritual and the story is in Thailand. It was scary at times and at the end, it was kinda emotional and sad.

The naughty MF scared the people behind us twice! During suspenseful moments he made some weird noise and made them scream. LA, NA and I kept talking to each other during the show (softly). This probably made it less scarier.

After the movie, we said bye to MF and Z. Then, we went to pay the parking ticket and then hopped back into my car. It was raining heavily so I drove to KJ and sent LA home. Before she left, the 6 of us took 2 group pics with my Bond Phone.

**Photo not posted due to privacy issues**

MJ led us to a highway that made me so confused. It was actually one of the correct ways to get back to Bangsar but it was also one of the LONGEST!! After about half an hour in the car, we managed to get back to familiar ground.

We passed by SMKBB and that brought back some memories. One by one, I dropped them off. After being the driver for the day, I drove myself home.

When I reached home, it was about 6.30pm. I used laptop, showered and used the laptop again. Ate some Cremeria too. Dad brought back some donuts and I ate 3 half donuts. At 9.30pm, I drove down to 112.

SC helped me with the VAIO and after uninstalling some stuff, my IE was back to normal. We installed BitDefender2009 into the VAIO and lso tested the bike rack. At about 11pm, I drove back home.

Few moments later, mum came back with SS, SS and C. I drank her IB Cinnamon and felt sleepy afterwards. I came up to blog at 12am but went to bed at 12.30am without completing the post. This is because I was supposed to go to FRIM early in the morning...

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