Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh My Gosh!

Woke up at 8.30am and used the laptop till 9 something. After washing up and getting ready, I drove to TPM. Once I went inside TPM, AL's car came from behind and trailed me till I reached the parking lot.

We walked to class together while chatting. Once we reached the second floor, we met our classmates outside because the previous lecture was still going on in our class. At 10.40am, we went inside.

The whole L2 (second floor) had no air-cond. 10 minutes later, a guy came up and told Mrs Kwan we could go to L1-4 to conduct the lecture. We moved downstairs and she distributed our Test papers.

I had 46! It was my first time scoring so low in a math-related subject. I was disappointed but at the same time accepted it. I got this kind of marks only because of MYSELF! There were so many CARELESS MISTAKES!!

Besides that, it is not even the exam format. We spend the whole night revising on the exam format but she didn't give us exam-format-papers. Anyway, thanks to my assignment, I have 34 /50 in my incourse.

So, in the coming finals, I have to get at least 82/100. That way, I can get another 41 total marks added tp 34. Which adds up to 75 (minimum 'a' range)! After that, she discussed the answers. Class was dismissed after that.

We (JJ, AH, JW, FK, CQ, KW, ML, AC, AL and I) went to Secret Recipe in Sri Petaling. Some of them didn't attend JJ's party so we took this lunch as his "celebration". We went inside and didn't feel like paying so much for food.

Since we were already here, we decided to order a piece of cake (JJ chose Tiramisu) and stuffed a candle sideways into the cake. We then sang the "Birthday Song" for JJ and he made his wish. He then ate the cake.

JJ's Cake!!

After paying the bill (all of chipped in), we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. We ordered 2 Regular and 1 Large Pizza to share among the 8 of us (KW didn't want to eat and AH went to a CyberCafe). We had a nice time eating and chatting. AC paid with his debit card and we went back.

After parking, AC told us the class had just been shifted to ENT3-2-6-5. So, we drove our cars and parked it in ENT3. In class, each of us paid RM 14 to AC (12.50 for the pizza and 1.40 for JJ's share).

Miss Intan taught us the final chapter of our syllabus. Before the class ended, she arranged our slots for next Monday's CT presentation. After class ended, I dropped KW at the LRT and made my way home.

The traffic was smooth until I turned out of Desa Water Park. There was a very slow crawl for about 10 minutes. This was caused by a terrible accident involving a black Saga. The back of the Saga was COMPLETELY smashed. Didn't take any pictures to avoid more jam.

When I reached home, I dropped my phone while getting out of the car! The phone was on my lap and when I got up, it fell to the floor!! And because it was a tar road, my phone suffered some SCRATCHES!! Not so scratch-proof after all. Real heartache...

Then, M told me that people from Sony called mum and asked her to PAY for the repair. Was kinda disappointed then... Watched an hour of cartoon with E before finally coming upstairs to play 7s and Facebooked.

At 6.30pm, M called me and asked if I wanted to cycle. I agreed and she asked me to cycle to BSC to meet her. So, I cycled to meet her. We went 3 rounds around BSC. On our third round, we saw AO and his friends.

Once I saw the orange T-bolt, M and I quickly rode home. We don't need a stalker now, do we? Before that, I rode uphill till the very end of T2. About 5 houses till the end, I started to pant heavily. Going back downhill was a breeze.

Inside my house, I walked around for about 5 minutes and stood still for another 5 minutes before deciding to sit down. Watched TV till 8.30pm while eating Fried Rice for dinner. Came upstairs to shower and went back down to continue watching Cheetah Girls 2: Alternate Ending.

After watching CG2 for abut an hour plus, we were so disappointed because the so called "alternate ending" was just an additional ending which didn't make a drastic change in the story line! We were expecting Raven to leave the CG for good!

Anyway, came upstairs and started facebooking and fbming. When mum came home, I went down to ask her about the VAIO. She then told me they were asking for RM 1482 to service the VAIO.

After listening to her, I came upstairs and wrote the previous post with DISSATISFACTION! Then, chatted for awhile before writing this post. It is 11.46pm now and the rest of the family is watching a movie downstairs. Going to join them after I complete this post. Bye...

**Only slept at about 2am because M was GOSSIPING to me about her FRIENDS! Didn't know she had my Gossip genes!! Haha**

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