Saturday, November 8, 2008

New New New New

Woke up at 7.30am. Used the laptop till 8.30am and went to shower. Packed my stuff and left the house at 8.40am (spend 10 minutes looking for my wallet). Then, I picked KW before going to BBJ.

We reached there at 9.20am. Both of us walked to H.O.L and ordered Pork Noodles and Iced Kopi. While waiting for the food, we revised our Moral Studies. To my surprise, I took the wrong notes and left the one with more info at HOME!

Pork Noodles (rm 4) and Iced Kopi (rm 1.50)

KW and I then revised with our memory. We named a topic and blurted out all we know about it. When the food came, we started eating our breakfast. After we paid, we discussed more about Moral.

At 10.20am, we walked back to the exam hall. FK, JJ and CQ were already there. We sat at our usual "spot" and studies/discussed. Slowly, each of our classmates arrived. At 11am, we entered the exam hall.

The exam was quite tough because everything in the notes didn't come out for the essay. The objective parts were also quite tricky. Hopefully, I could still get an A. Came out an hour earlier because there was nothing else to write.

Waited with KW, AC and CQ till the rest of them came out at 2pm. Only AL wanted to eat lunch so KW and I joined him. I took the wrong road and ended up in OUG. U-turned and went to Good Tea.

I ordered Claypot Chicken Rice and Iced White Kopi. By the time our food came, AL finished his. He had to leave us because he had singing lessons. I didn't finish the rice because I was too full.

Claypot Chicken Rice (rm 5.50) and Iced White Kopi (rm 1.80)

After our lunch, I dropped KW off before I went home. Then, AM called and I went to 112. CM, WM and the kids were also there. 5 minutes after I arrived, CM and her kids had to go home.

AM and I walked to Rodalink to check on the Outpost. They salesperson said he could only give me an answer on Monday. We went back and 10 minutes later, WM and her kids went home.

Then, SC, AM and I went to Tukang Basikal Fook Sang in Sungei Way. We saw a Fuji Tahoe Comp and SC said it was a good buy. So, AM called mum. I didn't expect that she would do that. Neither did I expect that mum would agree.

After some test runs and negotiation, AM paid RM 1995 with her card for the Green Fuji Tahoe Comp, a Helmet and a pair of gloves. Mum was to settle the payment with AM later. Excited, we cancelled the trip to Low Yat.

So, we went back home. SC gave me some lessons on how to do this and that to my bike. He also helped me grease the bike and take some pictures. Then, he accompanied me to cycle up to my house.

My Green Fuji Tahoe 26 Comp

He saw dad's car and went right home. I went into the house and announced to dad that mum got me a new bike. He was surprised but wasn't that angry. I suppose he doesn't object too much on this.

Me posing with my bike. I'm actually not sad like the pic suggests

About 10 minutes later, mum and E came home. Then, SC and AM rode their bikes up. They spoke to dad and mum for about 15 minutes. Then, the three of us rode our bikes down. We brought AM home before going off again.

SC brought me to BP and both of us pumped our tires with air. 36 PSi for our front wheels and 38 for our back. Then, we rode back to my house. SC went back down by himself.

Once inside, J told me that we are having dinner together with AM and family. I sat down and relaxed for about half an hour while waiting for M to shower. Then, KK and family drove my Avanza up here.

Dad drove the avanza while SC drove the persona to dinner. We went to Uptown. I ordered Black Pepper Chicken and I ate some of the rojak that AM bought. Didn't order drinks. We chatted about stuff and the best topic was AO!

AM's Fruit Rojak

Black Pepper Chicken from Pang's

Dad drove KK, AP, GM, M, J and E home. Meanwhile, we went to Miss and Mrs because the ladies wanted to look at some clothes. After 10 to 20 minutes, we went to the magazine shop. Spent another 10 minutes there before we went home.

In the car, mum suggested A&W. So, we detoured and went there. I smsed dad but he didn't receive it at he was on the phone. Fortunately, M called me few minutes after I sent the message.

I told her what was happening and asked the rest of them to come join us. When we reached A&W, there was at least 6 people queing at the Ice Cream bar. By the time it was my turn, M and the rest arrived.

We ordered 3 All-mint Bear Essentials and shared among the 11 of us. M went to buy some a rootbeer (for herself), a float (AM and SC) and a corndog (KK and AP). We sat there chatting about bikes and other stuff. It was fun.

12 scoops of Mint - (RM 4.60x3)

Then, we went home. We went over to 97 to check out AC's bike. Then, we went back to 112. M wanted to join tomorrow's biking trip so SC took out a helmet and gloves for her. We also ate some apples and tomatoes.

Watched Battlestar Galactica while chatting and stuff. Then, AM gave me my early birthday present. A new wallet (Armadio) from Korea. I took out the stuff from my old wallet and put it inside my new one.

New Armadio Wallet

At 11pm, SS came because he was looking for us at home. Then at 11.15pm, we left 112 and went home. I showered and used the laptop straight away. Gave SS a thumbdrive before he left. Dad heated up some SunMoulin pastries that SS just brought.

At about 12.30am, I went down and ate 2 of it. Came back upstairs and started to blog. It is 1.51am now. After I post the pictures and settle some stuff, it should be 2am. Good night.

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