Saturday, November 15, 2008

18th Birthday

Woke up at 6.30am by M to prepare for the FRIM cycling trip. It was raining quite heavily and few minutes later, we received a message from SC. The trip was cancelled because it was RAINING!!

M went back to sleep but I used the laptop to play 7S. At about 9am, the rain stopped. Everyone started waking up by 10am. Then, J asked if I wanted to eat Dim Sum. I said yes so they planned and called SS and family.

After getting ready, our family (except mum) went to New Eden Dim Sum City in Menjalara for breakfast. SS and family came too (except C). We ordered quite a number of dishes and "kuk pou" tea.

First set of dishes

Second set of dishes

The usual must - Fried Raddish Cake

**too lazy to take pics for the other dishes**

I was very full after eating. Dad paid the bill (about RM 80) and they didn't charge us for our tea (Dad's friend owns/runs the place).

Then, we went to look at the apartment that SS just bought. They bought the smallest unit which was the same level as the pool! After exploring the place (kept confidential), we went home.

Once at home, I turned on the laptop. Before I could even use it, WM called and said that CM's children are here (112). So, M and I rode our bikes down to see them. Dad dropped E and J in 112 minutes later.

We talked with the adults and played with the children for about an hour or so. Dad brought M out for lunch but the rest of us didn't want to follow. CM and family went home at about 1.30pm.

At 2pm, the younger kids (LZ, LZ, E and J) wanted to go play badminton. They waited until AM came home from work at 2.10pm. To their dismay, there was some wedding ceremony today and all the courts had been cancelled!

M came back from lunch and we talked with AM and the others. At about 4pm, I rode with AM to BSC and did an extra round before entering BSC. Meanwhile, SC and M cycled to BHP to pump air into their tyres.

Once we stopped at BSC, AM felt unwell. While she rested, I cycled around the BSC carpark. M and SC came and met us in BSC. When AM was ready to go, we cycled back to 112 with her.

After she went in the house, the 3 of us cycled all the way up to "the Loft" houses and rode downhill back to BV. The uphill was a very tough climb. On the contrary, the downhill was super fast and fun!

Once we reached 112, we were too tired to ride home. We sat there and chatted about how to get M a bike. WM brought her kids back home at about 5pm. Then, dad came to 112 to look for us. We set up the bike rack (SC helped me get it) on the Persona and we stacked the 2 bikes up.

Then. dad drove us back home. We rested and went to shower. By 7pm, we were all done. I ordered 4 pizzas from PizzaHut online. Dad went to get my cake and buy some other stuff.

At 7.20pm, AP and family arrived together with dad. MM, AC and UL came too. Just then, the pizza arrived. We started eating the pizza and burgers while waiting for the satay and noodles to arrive.

4 pizzas, 2 revive and 2 garlic bread for RM 109+

After a while, SS and family arrived with 70 sticks of satay (60 chicken, 10 beef) and Noodles (Hokkien Fried for 3 pax and Cantonese Fried for 3 pax). CKK, KP and YP came too. At about 8pm, AJ and GTA also arrived.

After about an hour, SC helped us out to make "longan, lychee and peach mixed with sprite" punch. After we ate what we made, SC and I came up and I showed him my Bravia-laptop connection with the VGA cable (that he helped me buy).

SS scooping the mixed fruit punch

After that, LC came up. We then came up with the idea of playing Counter Strike with each other. Without wasting anymore time, LC, SC and I drove down to take SC's laptop. Then, we installed the game and setup the network.

Just after we set up the stuff, we were asked to go down for the cake ceremony. Dad lighted the candles and they sang the birthday song for me. After making a wish, I blew the candles and SS helped cut the cake.

My Cake - Chocolate Indulgence

**Can't post other pics due to privacy issues**

After serving everyone the Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe (WM gave us the buy1free1 voucher), I ate mine. The cake was nice and I even ate 2 servings. When we were done, the four of us came upstairs followed by the other younger kids.

LC, SC and I used our laptops while M used the desktop. We played 2v2 (SC and M Vs. LC and I). About half an hour later, we decided to stay at the same side while going against 6 bots. We had so much fun and laughs while playing.

**Can't post pics due to privacy issues**

Most of the people went home at about 10pm. We took a break while SC went to 112 to take his key and drove up. SS and family left LC here and went home too. Having fun, we played till 2am!!

By the time we settled down, it was already 2.30am. I opened the door for SC and went upstairs. Since E and J fell asleep on my bed, I had to sleep on theirs. LC was still playing HalfLife when I went to bed...

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