Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Early Celebration in Sunway

Woke up at 8am and used the laptop. Left the house at 9.30am after getting ready. Managed to find my way to Sunway Pyramid and there were plenty of parking spots once I entered.

I went into a shop to look at some stickers. I was thinking of buying them but left the shop instead. Then, AC called and asked me to meet at TGV. Being new to this place, I walked a WHOLE round to find TGV.

Once there, I couldn't find any of them. I called AC and he said he is walking to TGV. I went down to look for him. Then, we went up to TGV again and bought 6 tickets for Quantum of Solace. Then, we decided to eat something light.

We walked to Asian Avenue and settled in this place called Snowy. I ordered a Mango Snowy with Mango slices (RM7.90) and AC ordered a Kiwi Snowy (RM 6.90). AL and ZS came and joined us later. After eating, DY came.

Snowy @ Asian Avenue

Fresh Mango Sago Snowy - Yummy

AC and DY then went to the post office to send something. ZS, AL and I then went to the arcade next to TGV. When AC and DY were done, they came to look for us. After AL finished his game, they bought popcorn and drinks.

Then, we went inside except AL. 10 minutes later, the show started and AL came in without MY. After a while, he went to the back and sat with MY. Towards the ending, ZS went over to the left side and put up his legs!

This Bond movie was quite good. My favourite parts was when he used the C902 (which I had!!) to do cool stuff. AC and DY even asked me if my phone could do that. I answered "of course". We were also annoyed by the 2 boys behind us that HAD give a comment every 5 minutes.

After the movie, we went to Gasoline for lunch. This outlet is pirate themed compared to the pre-historic themed outlet in TS. It was so dark inside we used my phone's flash as our torch to look at the menu.

AC recommended the Cordon Bleu to me and I ordered it. I also ordered Chocomint for my drink. The Cordon Bleu was nice but the fries and coleslaw was NOT. The mint tasted very weird but I still finished it.

Their drinks

My Chocomint - RM 6.90

Chicken Cordon Bleu - RM 14.50

The bill - RM 109.08

MY went off early because she had to go somewhere else. After about half an hour, we paid the bill. Each of us paid our own share and got 10% off because AC had the Gasoline card. When we left, the waiters said "Bye Bye" in their B*tchy tone.

Then, we went to the Computer section to shop for DY's keyboard and my S-Video Converter. After some hunting, DY bought his keyboard at rm15 and went home. Then, I bought my s-video converter at rm 20 (all shops sold at this price).

Then, we walked to Secret Recipe to check out the crowd. It surprised me to see people queing for this till 2 shops away. Then, we went to a shop near the ice rink to buy AL's comic. Then, we hung around and looked at the people in the rink.

The crazy line!

At about 4pm, AL and ZS went home. AC and I walked to our cars and chatted along the way. We stopped by Harvey Norman to have a quick look at some stuff. Then, we paid our parking (RM 7!!) and went home.

AC was supposed to lead me to the Federal Highway but he brought me to the NPE. I ended up paying about RM 3 of toll. Anyway, I reached home at 4.30pm safely. I used the laptop to check some stuff before connecting the laptop to the bravia with the new cable.

Unfortunately, after about more than one hour of fiddling with it, the display was still black and white. I did some search online and it seems that many people faced the same problem with S-video.

At 7pm, we had our dinner. Then, AM smsed us to go down to 112. Before we left, dad came home with 2 Secret Recipe cakes. I was shocked that he even bought it. He said he bought Tutti Fruiti and Marble Cheese. After mum checked, they realized he brought home 2 Tutti Fruiti.

The Cakes

M and I rode down to 112 and they were still having dinner. We chatted till they finished their dinner. Then, SC helped me fix/grease/tune/etc my bike. Just as we were about to leave for cycling, the rest of our family brought the cakes to share with everyone.

We went to cycle for about half an hour before we came back down. Today's route was to AO's house and back. As we reached 112, SS, SS and C arrived. All of us went in and ate some cake. At 10.30pm, we went back home.

M and I cycled home while the others sat in the car. Came up and used the laptop while cooling down. After we finished showering, M and I watched Heroes 08. The ending was very suspenseful and crazy!

When the show was over, it was already 12am. I started writing my blog but remembered to try to get some JB applications to make my phone exactly like JB's. I did some searching and found out that Sony Ericsson is selling a Titanium Silver version of the C902.

It comes with many extra applications and pictures. Too bad I bought it earlier. Anyway, the black looks better than the silver. And this also proves that I have a good "taste". Bond plagiarised me!!

I also found out that there are 4 downloadable applications if you play a game and pass it. I spent about half an hour playing the games and finally unlocked all 4 applications. It was already very late so I decided to blog more seriously.

The Internet got disconnected when I wrote half of this. Restarted the modem and continued. It is 2.20am now. After I upload the pics, I'll be sleeping. Gotta wake up early to eat breakfast with AM. Night...


  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  2. Thanks susan. Good to hear u liked it.By the way, do you know me in real life? Where are you from?


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