Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Day That Ended Quickly

At 10am, AL woke up and tried to wake everyone up. I ignored him and went back to sleep. Finally decided to wake up at 11am. After getting ready and packing, we put our stuff in my car. Then, DY led us to another BKT shop.

According to DY, this Ah Kee BKT is quite famous and they have about 4 to 5 branches. We ordered 1.5 servings of Dry and 1.5 servings of Wet. The food came pretty fast too.

1.5 servings of Dry BKT

1.5 servings of Wet BKT

I liked the Dry one but the Wet one was kinda tasteless. Yau Char Kuay was of course nice as usual. We finished our meal by 12pm. I paid the RM 36 (RM 9 per person) and the paid me back right after that. Now, DY owes me RM 5.

After that, DY sent ZS home while I dropped AL in MY's house. Then, I drove all the way back home. Enjoyed the drive home.

At home, M told me she ordered pizza. I went straight into the shower and came out all fresh 20 minutes later. Mum brought the VAIO back and the sound problem seems to be fixed. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth still has problems.

Spent about 5 hours re-installing and transferring those important programs and files. Meanwhile, I played "Monopoly" with M for about 2 hours. I didn't really bother about the game but my happy-go-lucky attitude made me a WINNER! M got bankrupt and I had about 9 hotels.

I then wrote yesterday's post while playing cards with M and J. At about 7.30pm, we drove to Quan's for dinner. We arrived at about 8pm. Just then, SS called and said they were just leaving their house.

I ordered French Toast, Quan's Special Sizzling Chicken Chop in Barbecue Sauce and shared a Mint Milkshake with M. Went over to Bata and looked at some shoes. Then, we came back. We finished the Mint Milkshake even before the food arrived. E's Iced Chocolate was tasy too!

Mint Milkshake (RM 5.50)

Iced Chocolate - Not bad. Quite rich in Chocolate

About half an hour of chatting later, our food finally arrived. The portion has really shrunk. The French Toast was served with HARD butter! It didn't taste as nice anymore because they didn't give me a pot of honey to pour.

French Toast

Sizzling Chicken Chop with Barbecue Sauce

I regretted ordering my Sizzling Chicken Chop with Barbecue Sauce. This is because the Barbecue Sauce was heaty plus the Sizzling pan which is also heaty. In the end, I managed to finish what I ordered but my stomach was FULL!

Waited about 20 minutes before SS and family arrived (they got lost). After they ordered their food, we had to chat for another half an hour before their food came. Then, the girls ordered some ice cream for dessert. I didn't eat that because I wasn't in the mood.

Click to view the handwritten detailed bill

Dad paid the RM 122.20 bill and we left the restaurant. We reached home at about 11pm. I came up and turned on the VAIO. For some reason, it took about 20 minutes to startup. It was "configuring updates".

Right after that, I started finishing up yesterday's post. At 1.10am, I completed it. I then decided to write today's post once and for all. It is 1.43am now. Sleeping soon. Good night...

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